Car Covers You Can Choose From

Some car owners are wondering ‘why should I purchase a car cover?’, if you have ready access to a covered and underground parking or you have a garage then it’s not really an issue but what if you don’t? Car covers will provide your car with much needed additional protection against the rain, dust, UV, snow and other outside conditions. You took the time to invest in a car, so you should also invest for the car’s protection. Take note that car covers were not designed for heavy duty protection such as a shield against fallen trees, a heavy hail storm or similar accidents.

Water Proof Extra Large Car Cover by Rain-X


One of the most crucial car accessory for a prolonged top quality service as well as performance from your automobile. The extra large car cover is mostly made from soft materials that, not only protects your car from outside elements, but prevents any scratches that other covers themselves cause to a car. Not only that but it’s quite convenient since a few tugs here and there allows the swift and easy removal of the cover’s attachment to the car; this is made possible by the featured tie down straps and elasticized hem. Also, there’s even an antenna patch for even better function and protection.

UVCCAR3N98 Car Cover by CoverKing

Out of all the models presented by CoverKing, the UVCCAR3N98 is the most sought after model. Its thick, water proof, UV treated and polypropylene material ensures an incredibly soft cover which protects the car from scratches. Of course scratches are not the only thing it protects the car from, it also serves as a shield from dirt, dust and severe weather conditions. The UVCCAR3N98 also repels moisture and any sort of wetness under the cover, this effectively prevents the formation of mold and mildew. In addition, the package comes with a one year warranty in case of any workmanship defects that only be found later.


SUV Waterproof Vehicle Cover from Budge

If you have a much larger automobile this is the ideal cover for you, the waterproof cover is designed for SUVs like the Chevrolet Tahoe, it features a spacious size 210” x 68” x 60”. This particular cover has a triple layer of microporous fabric which can hold its own against heavy rainfall; it effectively keeps any vehicle safe and dry even after hours and hours of rainfall or other severe weather conditions.

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