By Doing Buddhist Guided Meditation: One Can Achieve Happiness And Peace

Buddhist guided meditations suggests the following rules to be followed for the perfect meditation to just happen. they are as follows: first and foremost thing is that one should sit straight with all comfort without bending back or front or not even looking left or right. Then what should be done is the person has to close his/her eyes and go into a state where he /she can think of thoughts are desperately of good will. Isn’t it a good sign of meditation if one could go into deep thinking without getting stressed of outer world? What that states is that, if one could think of himself or herself of good will and if the same person could think of their own happiness it is proven that then the same person can do anything for other without any selfishness and would surely pray for others happiness without any selfishness as well. Always one has to remember that the happiness does not come from other place rather it always gets generated from the innerness of the being.

And also remember that it is always at a far distance from the selfishness kind of attitude. So just be yourself and love yourself so that you can love others without any selfishness. In fact what is written in Buddhist guided meditation is that if could do the same within themselves then they could definitely for others. Those kinds of people will never be with an attitude to drag something from someone else or their self-happiness.


So now here comes the point where we should actually focus on. So here is the way how you can do the same. Firstly you should spread happiness to the people whom you like the most like your parents your family your friends and your most lovable ones. With the same they may find true happiness with being with you. That’s again a very good character in the person for which many people are in search of. And you know what the people who find true happiness being with you will actually spread the same news in your circle as well as their circles with a very wide and broad mind that will surely give u a positive hope in life to move ahead.

It is simple said that it is going to be very motivational in your life and circles in the sense the people you may know you may not know you may like or you may not like you may love or you may not love and people with whom you are neutral even with those people who don’t like will get inspired by you. And one more thing one has to keep in mind is that you should ever get influenced by those kinds of thoughts that are insistently posed on you by the ones who hate you from the bottom of their heart. And now it’s time to spread the happiness for those who even don’t know them and also not only those people, you should also start spreading good will and happiness with all those living beings all over the world in whatever the direction may be and whatever the state those being may be in. Just let them find true happiness too.


Do one thing; take a deep breath as comfortable as you can feel it. Never get out of your comfort zone unless it is very keenly and most importantly has to be implemented. Suppose that you are thinking for the way how can you spread happiness of your own with others and here comes into existence the pathetical and concrete level of learning on how to do the same. One of the learning method is that do an experiment to check on which breathing level actually suits you the best and that’s the best way for sure. And the kind of breathe may be a long one or short breath I mean the way in which you are comfortable with.

And the last thing to be kept in mind is that how to leave the meditation. Remember that is also a skill that has to mandatorily learn to perfectly leave the meditation. This is perfectly explained by the Buddhist guided meditation.

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  1. There is definately a lot to know about this issue. I like all the points you’ve made.


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