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Marina one: When Dream Comes Into Reality

Those who are unaware of Marina one, this is one broadly identified award winning integrated development project, aspiring to revolutionize the concept of healthy living as well as working. One of the esteemed inventions of world famous architect Christoph Ingenhoven, Marina Residences is known around for its wonderful entity at the heart of Singapore’s vibrant new Central Business District. Marina one represents wonderful conceptualization and high tech construction which has amalgamated different resources to create inimitable Marina One Residences, about to be completed by 2017. Among all real estate projects only Marina Residences is identified as one incorporated development project that seeks to create multifaceted urban space.

What is Marina One

Marina One is comprised of 1042 luxury residences and two 30-storey Grade A office blocks together with retail spaces. This residential development is designed to be a part of dynamic metropolitan culture and home owners would be deriving number of benefits for example luxuries, esteem and convenience. The project is meant to complement the (URA) or Urban Redevelopment Authority as the project intends to convert Marina Bay into an iconic urban area, which will be lively with wild activities. Marina Residences has triggered much interest and captured attention while winning rewards and accreditation all around.


The project promotes healthy living which is regarded as one of the creditable accomplishments of modern-day architecture and landscapes. The creators of that extravagant condo are pioneering radical transformation in urban construction philosophies. So it wont be an overstatement if it is deemed as the true epitome of futuristic vision.  There is number of well known names in realty market and while talking about Marina One Residences, number of esteem names who are having international repute come forward. Undoubtedly the condos are receiving astounding response and as Marina Residences are deemed today as one of the well-executed ventures. The homes that makers of Marina Residences have created are one absolute delightful living space for average dwellers who are dreaming to have deluxe abodes.

The maker

As said earlier, overall Marina Residences is the brainchild of Ingenhoven Architects and he has earned name in sustainable designing over the years. Understanding the significance of ecological value, Christoph Ingenhoven has designed this keeping in mind the ethos of healthy living and well being. Incorporating the latest innovation and technical skill, following the philosophy of logical construction, optimizing the light and space, immaculate clean finishing, utilizing resources in one of the finest most excellent manners, Marina Residences is one diligently planned project which has received number of accolades. Here you will find phenomenal buildings which are built keeping in mind the essential ecological concerns.

Home Improvement

A Pestemal Could Be Your Perfect Travel Companion

Pestemal, also popularly known as the Turkish towels are one of the most popular kinds of towel and are widely used across many households. Hardly you would find someone who hasn’t used a Turkish towel even once in his or her lifetime.

It is interesting that the invention of towel is associated with the city of Bursa in Turkey. Traditionally, the towels used to be hand embroidered and narrow but long enough to wrap around the body although the modern day towels are far wider than those. Also towels used to be a very expensive commodity back in the day. It was much later during the nineteenth century with the industrialization and mechanization that the towels became affordable to the common masses.


There are many kinds of pestemal towels available in the market with different styles and colors each of which are produced in different parts of Turkey. Now one might wonder what the fuss is all about regarding these Turkish towels. They appear and feel like the regular towels we use everyday and that is somewhat correct. The Turkish towel does not differ very significantly from the normal towels.

They absorb water almost as fast as a traditional towel. They do have certain advantage to them too. They dry comparatively faster than normal towels and takes up less space. So when you are travelling and are short in space you can squeeze in a Turkish towel in some corner of your suitcase more easily than the traditional towels. This is one of the reasons that Turkish towels are preferred by travellers all the time.


There are different types and different brands of Turkish towels available in the market. The Knotty’s brand of Turkish towels are known for their bright colors and extra large sizes that they come in. The Cacaia towels are comparatively more traditional than the Knotty ones but comes in a wide variety of colors too, just like the Knotty ones.


UK’s Cheapest Dental Implants

The United Kingdom may be one of the countries with the highest standard of living. There are high prices for just about everything; food, clothes, houses, and especially health care. So, where is the dental implants UK cheapest at?dental-implants_clip_image002 DSC_1042-1024x6851

Ah yes, dental hygiene and care, one of the most crucial type of hygiene. How important is it, you ask? Well if you have damaged teeth then you can’t really display that award winning smile, you won’t be able to eat properly and people can easily see it. Not only that, but damaged teeth are big factors that contribute to bad breath. No one likes bad breath, not even the ones who have it! How can you talk to other people properly? How can you kiss the person you like? How will you be care free and confident in front of other people?

Dental Implants

Okay, so don’t dental implants with dental pasta and tooth extraction. Dental implants are very different from that, they have the similarities of the sun and the moon. Basically when it comes to dental implants, the dentist creates an artificial tooth root. The tooth root is created and processed in your jaw, the artificial tooth root hold the replacement tooth or the replacement bridge. Dental implants are pretty permanent and they are an option chosen by people who have missing teeth due to accidents, periodontal disease, some form of injury or any other reason that opted for them to get dental implants.

How Costly are Dental Implants?

As you can imagine, performing dental implants is not an easy procedure; if you think braces are costly enough for teeth, think again. Basically if you want ONE dental implant in the United Kingdom, then you need to be ready to spend somewhere from £3,000 to £5,000. You’re eyes are working just fine, you read the right amount, that’s the price for EACH dental implant you want to get.

Where Can I Find the Cheapest?

It makes a lot of sense that you would want to find the clinics that offer the dental implants with the most reasonable price in the UK. Here are some of our suggestions:

Gentle Dental Care

Gentle Dental Care offers great services with exceptional staff. Also, their dental equipments, like x-rays and dental CT scans are up to date. Their exact address is 55 Henver Road, you can even contact them through their website if you have more questions. Of course they offer more dental care than just dental implants, but we’re here to concentrate on the dental implants. I’m going to give you a quick peek at their updated price list below

  • First consultation and intra-oral radiographs £75.00
  • Additional radiographs may include either 3 Dimensional scanning from £150.00 or OPG radiograph (both available at the practice) £45.00
  • Single tooth implant £2200.00
  • Single tooth implant with aesthetic requirements £2705.00
  • 3 unit cement retained bridge following a two stage surgical procedure £4650.00
  • Lower denture retained on 2 implants £3622.00
  • Bone grafting procedure at the time of implant placement £450.00
  • Bone grafting procedure with pin fixation £850.00
  • Ridge preservation grafting procedure following extraction using bone and membrane of animal origin from £450.00
  • Sinus grafting from £450.00

As you can clearly see, the prices and the procedures depend on the case; no two people have the exact same needs when health is involved. But as you noticed, the prices are significantly more reasonable when compared with other dental clinics. You might not find any clinic that’s cheaper than Gentle Dental Care. Give them a try! It’s good to have a million dollar smile!


Air-Fryer: What Is It And Why Is It The New Health Fad?

‘Mmhh! Look at those yummy chips, I don’t want to eat that,’ said no one ever. The thought of the ungodly amount of oil used to get that deep fried crispiness might send the health-conscious people packing. So, enter the air fryer. Is it possible to eat all those yummy deep-fried oily food minus the, well oil?

The air fryer may not guarantee 100 percent oil-less cooking but it does, drum roll please- shave of about 80 percent of the usual amount. Gasps of disbelief. Friends, I kid you not, you can actually get deep fried prawns, chips, fishes, chicken, steak and all those other mouth-watering fried food your sagging waist-line banned you from using way lesser oil.


What is an air fryer? How does it work?

As its name says, an air fryer cooks food using extremely hot air. There is heating element which is located near the food and the air is provided by the exhaust fan. The air is then heated up to great temperatures like 200 degrees and it is circulated in and around the food for even cooking. With only the help of an heating element and our good ol’ fan, which after being put together in an innovative fashion, we can achieve a healthier and low calorie fried nosh.

The air fryer comes with a detachable tray. Due to that excellent concentration cooking on the food, meaning – the heat is trapped inside, leading to only few minutes of achieving your desired level of doneness, you can get your lip-smacking, crispy low-calorie food within 10-15 minutes, depending on the quantity of the food and tray.  Not only fried foods, you can bake your favorite cake within 25 minutes in the air fryer as opposed to 40-60 minutes in the oven and any other type of food.


How is that much of heat managed?

To manage the heat, there is a cooling system provided. There is a fan affixed whose responsibility is to monitor and control the internal temperature. This fan sends fresh air from the top of the apparatus to the bottom layer. This ensures periodic cooling of the fryer. Also the fan regulates the cooking environment internally, keeping it clean. This cooling system makes it user friendly as there is no need to worry about burning yourself. The benefits are just too much. Less oil, healthier food, and only few minutes of patience.What are you waiting for? Get an air fryer for yourself now.


By Doing Buddhist Guided Meditation: One Can Achieve Happiness And Peace

Buddhist guided meditations suggests the following rules to be followed for the perfect meditation to just happen. they are as follows: first and foremost thing is that one should sit straight with all comfort without bending back or front or not even looking left or right. Then what should be done is the person has to close his/her eyes and go into a state where he /she can think of thoughts are desperately of good will. Isn’t it a good sign of meditation if one could go into deep thinking without getting stressed of outer world? What that states is that, if one could think of himself or herself of good will and if the same person could think of their own happiness it is proven that then the same person can do anything for other without any selfishness and would surely pray for others happiness without any selfishness as well. Always one has to remember that the happiness does not come from other place rather it always gets generated from the innerness of the being.

And also remember that it is always at a far distance from the selfishness kind of attitude. So just be yourself and love yourself so that you can love others without any selfishness. In fact what is written in Buddhist guided meditation is that if could do the same within themselves then they could definitely for others. Those kinds of people will never be with an attitude to drag something from someone else or their self-happiness.


So now here comes the point where we should actually focus on. So here is the way how you can do the same. Firstly you should spread happiness to the people whom you like the most like your parents your family your friends and your most lovable ones. With the same they may find true happiness with being with you. That’s again a very good character in the person for which many people are in search of. And you know what the people who find true happiness being with you will actually spread the same news in your circle as well as their circles with a very wide and broad mind that will surely give u a positive hope in life to move ahead.

It is simple said that it is going to be very motivational in your life and circles in the sense the people you may know you may not know you may like or you may not like you may love or you may not love and people with whom you are neutral even with those people who don’t like will get inspired by you. And one more thing one has to keep in mind is that you should ever get influenced by those kinds of thoughts that are insistently posed on you by the ones who hate you from the bottom of their heart. And now it’s time to spread the happiness for those who even don’t know them and also not only those people, you should also start spreading good will and happiness with all those living beings all over the world in whatever the direction may be and whatever the state those being may be in. Just let them find true happiness too.


Do one thing; take a deep breath as comfortable as you can feel it. Never get out of your comfort zone unless it is very keenly and most importantly has to be implemented. Suppose that you are thinking for the way how can you spread happiness of your own with others and here comes into existence the pathetical and concrete level of learning on how to do the same. One of the learning method is that do an experiment to check on which breathing level actually suits you the best and that’s the best way for sure. And the kind of breathe may be a long one or short breath I mean the way in which you are comfortable with.

And the last thing to be kept in mind is that how to leave the meditation. Remember that is also a skill that has to mandatorily learn to perfectly leave the meditation. This is perfectly explained by the Buddhist guided meditation.

Health and Fitness

Luxury Rehab Malibu: One Of The Best Places To Seek Assistance

If your loving family teen has fallen victim to substance abuse and these days you are seeking remedial measures so that he or she can get over and lead peaceful, normal life, luxury rehabs are the best place to seek help and suggestion. As these centers are meant to save lives of those innocent men and women who are facing menacing impact of drug and gradually losing prospect. There are luxury rehabs which will help your drug victim  feel fresh and protected. All across the world there are varying luxury rehabs which are meant for designated celebrities. If you are having resources you can shift the substance victim to one of these rehabs.


Nature of luxury rehabs

These high profile addiction recovery treatment centers are mostly located among the seashores and hills.  These rehabs offer traditional along with holistic and alternative treatments. Here one will come across medically assisted detox, family therapy, multiple stage programs, behavioral therapy, one on one psychotherapy. Among the alternative and holistic treatment approaches there are Massage therapy, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, Yoga and meditation, Personal training, Energy healing, Watsu and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Outpatient services, Polyvagal theory and trauma-informed care, Motivational interviewing, Nutrition counseling, Exercise and Equine therapy.


Luxury rehabs are certainly best

Luxury rehab Malibu is meant to offer dual diagnosis treatment and few of these rehabs are certainly LGBT friendly also they allow few insurance plans to cover the overall program payments. Getting touch with these rehabs is way too effortless you don’t have to seek around references rather you can go online and on random search you will be getting names of such rehabs. These rehabs are not utterly out of general reach, although they are situated at places where the environment and surrounding is out and out posh, but you need to consider the fact as well that if your family member gets a comfortable atmosphere to live in, recovering will certainly be easier and serene.

Often regular rehabs treat badly with the substance addicts making them feel guilty of something but luxury rehabs refrain from behaving in one of the dirtiest manners.


Meeting The Anonymous The New Way

We live an era where we don’t meet strangers at the restaurants or streets or at any social events, but online. It’s not at all uncanny to hear that people meet online or they meet online and got married later. We can without any doubt say that it’s an online period. There are certain apps which are based on the same impression. Talking about these the most popular among them is Kik Messenger.


Kik messenger is the most popular apps when it comes to online. It is a free instant messenger application for smartphones. It is an application developed by a Canadian named KIK. The app is available for free on ios, android, and windows. It requires mobile data or wifi. Main features of the app include sharing of photos, videos, messages, these are some basic features that every instant messenger provides.

A special feature it poses is that it allows anonymity, that is it allows users to use the app without providing any contact number, it also does prevent users from getting located. The basic requirement to use this app is the full name of the user, email id, birth date etc. Although it is required the user must be 13 years or above the age to use the app, there are many teenagers who are under 13 and still registers themselves for the app. There is no other way to verify the age of the user so it may lead to miss use of the app.


The application basically allows you to meet strangers online and interact with them without exchanging any contact number or email id,all we need is – kik usernames. To add other people you can simply scan the unique code from your phone and the person will be automatically added. The application has also been in some controversies, there is always much concern about the app regarding its anonymity. Most of the time it may happen that the conversation may become an adult and it is not at all fair for a teenager to have this kind of conversation.

Kik messenger may help few of the people who are lonely, don’t have any friends or those people who are depressed. Meeting new people online sharing your darkest secret, as there is anonymity no one will know who you are. This is a good way to relax and lessen the stress.


Why Play Soccer? Find Out More Here!

Soccer is one of the most popular sports worldwide, with millions of people cheering for teams and playing in their own little leagues around local towns. It’s a sport that anyone can benefit from, and it doesn’t just burn calories but build muscles as well! You’ll be able to burn fat and get that toned look. Plus, anyone of any age will be able to do it, may you be a kid or adult, you can play with your family and friends. It’s a great way to spend time with your loved ones and to meet new people around your area, may they be fellow players or fans sharing the same interests as you do.

Benefits of Soccer

Soccer has a ton of benefits anyone of any age will be able to take advantage of, such as:

  1. It’s a way to strength train, as you build muscles especially around the lower body.
  2. It’s a form of fat blasting cardio, depending on the intensity you put into the exercise.
  3. You get to interact with new people and loved ones as you play around the field.
  4. You reap a lot of health benefits and get fresh air as you are around the green fields and nature.
  5. You learn about balance and flexibility, as well as coordination with the ball and team.
  6. You’ll be playing with a team, so you get to be both leader and follower, enhancing your skills with teamwork and cooperation.


There are many more benefits you’ll be able to get with playing soccer, as well as watching it with your loved ones!

Tips to Play Soccer

Just a beginning soccer player? Here are some tips on how to start playing soccer:

  1. You can opt to join a team or soccer lessons around your town. Your local government or organizations may be hosting free lessons, made especially for beginners.
  2. Practice around the fields with loved ones. Not only will you have fun, but you’l lget to spend time together as well while honing your soccer skills.
  3. Watch soccer games to pick up on the sport, knowing how the rules go and how the game is done.
  4. Keep on practicing and never give up! You can search for training routines and workouts you can do to enhance your skills and endurance to play the sport.
  5. Learn to love the sport and keep a balanced diet, training regularly while keeping yourself healthy and energized with the proper food.


In Conclusion

Soccer is a great sport to keep up with, as it holds a lot of benefits many will be able to reap. Whether you’re an avid fan of popular soccer teams or a player yourself, you’ll definitely have fun and learn a lot with soccer. Find out more about soccer and how to play or who to watch here!

Real Estate

Not To Miss Estate Offers In Mallorca

Want to buy a dream estate? Has been a thing left in your wishlist for a long, long time? That, too, in Mallorca? Well you have hit the right place to fulfill your dream. There are several agencies which specialize in giving and helping you buy your dream estate in fantastic Mallorca. The authentic and original real estate property for sale Majorca are bound to enchant the prospective buyers with their charm, ambience and the character of the Mediterranean. All these agencies have proper property matters along with blueprints, maps and all required to have a thorough knowledge of the geographic locations and conditions.


You can also know about the environmental and recreational attractions nearby the upcoming and present estates. Be it a bungalow with sea side scene in Port d’Andratx, or a stylish mansion in the lovely Palma deor a luxury villa at Santa Ponsa- Mallorca has it all. Who would not want to live in a countryside estate close to the picturesque valleys in the Arta’s streets. There are over 2000 portfolios of properties waiting to be sold in Mallorca.

Many notable groups like Engel & Volkers are working in real estates business in Mallorca from the late 1900s and has been highly successful and has been among the top companies in the world to be reckoned with. Most of the success rates is owed to the high quality staff aided with the thorough education and extensive training procedures of its workers.



This is one of the prime reasons that helps in the strong performance of the team and thanks to its global market reach, the company went ahead in leaps. Engel & Volkers intensifies in the offering and promoting of estate properties in many famous residential places. A good news in addition is , the agency also suffices a large range of discounts for adavanced term bookings and buys.So What are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab a property in Mallorca.


Pet Trackers To Keep Your Beloved Pooches Safe

Pet owners always get worried when their beloved pets go for a walk alone which happens more than you would like. Sometimes pet owners just don’t have enough time to walk their pets and they often let their pet out in the open without any inspection. However, whenever your pet leaves home, you start to get worried. If you’re wondering how to keep track of your pet even when you’re not around, then the best thing to do is get invest in pet trackers.

Pets do get confused sometimes and a pet tracker is a great device that keeps pet owners assured that even when pets are on their own they are safe. Pet GPS trackers are small in size and are extremely easy to attach to your pets. The collars are not easy to be taken off by your pets, which makes the tracker reliable. This means that you will have the peace of mind of knowing where your pet is at all times.


You will also be spared the cost of printing posters and sticking them around town to find your missing friend. Another amazing part of this tracker is it does not require batteries, which means extra savings for you. The tracker works with a charger system, which can be used to charge the tracker as many times as you want. Each charge can last up to 15 hours. Pets are priceless and you can never put a price on a family member. Trackers are convenient tools to have, especially when your pet runs away after getting scared of firecrackers or loud noises.

Many times human error also causes our pets to wander away. A gate not closed properly at night or the backdoor left open by mistake can cause your beloved poodle to wander away in the middle of the night and get lost easily. It is very easy for dogs to get distracted. The smell or the barking of another dog can lure them towards the unknown. Using a tracker to locate your pet in time before they get seriously injured.


There are different kinds of pet trackers available in the market so you can look for one that suits your needs perfectly and invest in that. A GPS tracker which is the best form of pet trackers. They come with a SIM card that pet owners can top up when they need to. It is similar to a pay as you need mobile phone. Most of the pet trackers come with a 5GBP so you do not need to spend any more money once you get these trackers. You should always go for the one that has a good tracking range and tracks pets accurately. Long distance accuracy and pointing the location without too many discrepancies is what you need to look for from your GPS tracker. Keeping your pets safe should always be your priority and a GPS tracker goes a long way to help you do just that.