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Why My Deceased Aunt Might Have Liked Facebook

For most of her existence, my great aunt lived in a world that relied on typewriters, slide-rules, and notebooks (the paper type). To the best of my knowledge, she never owned a computer and died before the Internet came into its own. She did not have any children and her husband had passed away years earlier. She kept a diary of sorts, as written snippets on annual calendars, in notepads, on receipts, and in other, unlikely places. These thoughts represented who she was—her dreams, her beliefs, her ideas, and montages of her daily life.

After her husband died, she lived by herself, with a small dog as her sole companion. We only visited her a few times; perhaps other family members went to see her more often. She did have cousins and nephews who lived nearby. However, for all of that, she seemed like a lonely person–at least that is what I recall. Perhaps her sense of isolation (if she truly was lonely) resulted from the fact that she resided by herself. Due to her advanced age, she might also have naturally been more inclined to reminisce about the past than to contemplate the present or to think about the future. More likely it derived from the fact that she did not have enough friends or societal connections to replace the diaphanous memories with new, solid experiences.

When she passed away, her estate was split between several family members. They might have kept a few items as “mementos.” I am sure that at least some of these people still have a photo or two of my great aunt and her late husband. Nonetheless, her story has almost completely disappeared; the notepads, the receipts, and the calendars that contained her words–her life–were long ago consigned to the dumpster. Rare is the time when anyone speaks her name, much less recalls any fond (or perhaps not so fond) memories of her. In many ways, she is as anonymous as the men and women on the antique family portraits hanging up in roadside diners. Of them, nothing much remains except perhaps for a picture and a gravestone. Even their relatives have forgotten them.

Perhaps my great aunt would be content with this situation. For her, the next life was the more important one. Nonetheless, I cannot help but wonder what she would think about the Internet, and more importantly, about social media. With these tools, she could have left her story behind on a blog, on Facebook, or on some other, on-line site for a future generation of curious relatives to read. As important, while living, she could have used social media to keep in constant contact with friends, family, and acquaintances. When she logged into her Google + account for instance, she might have been cheered to see a post, which she authored, had garnered 15 responses.

I will never know what my aunt would have done if she had spent the majority of her life in the new, social media driven world. However, I am thankful that I might have the chance to leave behind some aspect of myself on the Internet–some part of me that a future relative (say in a couple hundred years) can access.

Facebook is today considered the cream of social media portals and has become a rage amongst the people of all age groups with its diverse nature and wider outreach among millions throughout the world. The best online source to buy likes, followers and fame is the moniker that has been given to it by the social media experts which has now acquired cult status.


Important Things To Know About Xanax Addiction

Is Xanax addicting?

Xanax is a quick performing benzodiazepine medicine. This means it results in a huge modification within the brain in just a short time period. Because of this, it is regarded as among the most addicting benzodiazepine medicines available today. Risks are greater in individuals who have been prescribed the dosage of 4 mg every day for greater than 12 weeks. However, any person who misuses the medication could possibly be in danger of dependency.

Fundamental facts about Xanax

Xanax was initially accepted as a remedy of anxiety attacks during the 1970s. Through the years, Xanax has turned out to be an efficient treatment for anxiousness, nausea brought on by radiation treatment, depressive disorders, and various other health problems.

Xanax is associated with a category of medicines referred to as benzodiazepines. The drug is classified as a Schedule IV governed drug, which means it is thought to possess a reduced possibility of mistreatment. Having said that the data regarding Xanax is very supportive of this classification, as a lot of people looks for a cure each year for dependencies for this medication. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration stated that back in 2012, there are 17,019 individuals that were accepted to drug treatment facilities throughout the country, citing benzodiazepines such as Xanax as their main or only drug abused.

The proper way to reduce Xanax dosage

Addiction to Xanax is seen as both mental and physical addiction. To handle the consequences of drug withdrawal on mental and physical aspects, it is advisable to reduced usage of benzodiazepines on a routine that allows reducing the dose by 25 % for each quarter. Similar to all benzos, the withdrawal must only be carried out by way of medical detoxification to guarantee the safeness of the affected person.


Healing Benefits Dance Therapy Offers to Everyone

With the growing list of diseases, people are on the look out for the best therapies that adopt natural means to bring them peace, happiness and of course good health. Be it meditation, yoga, music therapy or dance therapy – all serve the same purpose – healing the spirit and the physical body. Testogen reviews bodybuilding  tips is also a great guide to keep your body fit. One of the modern forms of such rehabilitating therapies is dance therapy.

Dance therapy is a healing process through which the body and mind of a person is merged to get the healing effect. This therapy heals a person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It consolidates the mind and body of a person thus bringing harmony and peace in human beings.


Dance therapy has its foundation in modern dance from innovators like Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham and Doris Humphrey. Their modern and creative idea gave ground for expressive dancing where the dancer displays creativity, spontaneity and individuality. And so many members of these pioneer companies began to understand the benefits of dance therapy.

The main three areas of the dance therapy process are modern dance, movement analysis and psychoanalytic theory. Now let’s highlight movement therapy and its benefits, which is one of the most important aspect of dance therapy.

Movement Therapy

Movement therapy was started by Marian Chace who is the founder of modern movement therapy. She used dance therapy as a mode of communication to meet basic human needs.

The movement therapy in dance, like any other exercise, starts with warm ups to loosen the muscles. It is a form of art therapy wherein the patients are made to express their feelings through dance movement, which contemplates healing of diseases and removes bad stress. In this form of dance therapy the mind and body are a single entity. An individual suffering from psychological problems can benefit through these bodily movements.

Benefits of Dance Movement Therapy

It is believed that people from different walk of life are benefited by dance movement therapy. People who go through emotional discord and those who live with problems and distress are the ones who are most benefited by dance movement therapy. Individuals who have had a past trauma can tune in to dance movement therapy wherein they are able to release their emotions and feeling through movement therapy.

Dance movement therapy brings about self-awareness in a person. It helps a person to experience the relation between thoughts, feelings and actions. Dance movement therapy is of great help to people who wish to communicate non-verbally. This enhances their personal communication skills as well.

Holistic healing is a process that is very much in practice in hospitals, counseling centers, nursing homes, schools and daycare centres.

The American Dance Therapy Association encourages the maximum support and guidance in educating people about the existence of this therapy and also provides studios to practice dance movement therapy. People from all parts of the world enroll into classes to be cured of different maladies. The organization publishes a journal that gives a complete insight about the dance therapy.

Dance is no longer considered a hip shaking activity but is looked upon as a treatment that can cure the young as well as the old. Give it a try, not only is it healthy, dance movement therapy is fun.


Tips for Beginners to get good in League of Legends

If there’s any online game today that can be described as the most competitive game, it is probably the League of Legends. More than just its crazy graphics, spectacular heroes and amazing gameplay, League of Legends has been highly played by gamers across the globe because of its value of competitiveness. Since the main goal is to advance ranking or level in the game, players are really eager to play and win in every battle. If you are a beginner in LOL, you are in the right article. This article will go through some of the effective tips on how you can get good in League of Legends.

Learn the basics

Of course, the very first thing you need to learn is to learn the basic mechanics. This means that you should be able to understand the process, how the game works and other little basic details of the game. You can watch some basic tutorials on YouTube to help you out.

Choose a role

Every hero in the game has his or her own role. Hence, it is necessary that you study what type of role you like to play in the game. Knowing how to interact in such role is also crucial. You may choose to be a Jungler, fighter, mage or support.

Choose Your Mains

Now that you have chosen your desired role in the game, the next thing to do is to choose your main and master it. This will allow you to master the macro play instead of the micro play of the game.

Hit Creeps

To advance quickly during a battle, it is crucial to always hit creeps. This will give you more coins which will allow you to buy items so you can increase your level in a fast manner.

To increase you ranking, you can also use boost elo in league of legends.


The Function of CBD Oil in our Health

CBD oil or also known as Cannabidiol is a popular and natural remedy that a lot of people use for several ailments. It is also one of more than one hundred chemical compounds commonly known as cannabinoids that can be found in marijuana plant or cannabis. The most common psychoactive cannabinoid located in cannabis is called THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. This element is usually associated with marijuana. Thus, this element makes CBD oil a great and ideal option for people who are in search for pain relief and treatment in other diseases and symptoms. 

Basically, CDO oil is created through the process of CBD extraction from the plant of cannabis. Consequently, the substance will be diluted with carrier oil like hemp seed or coconut oil. When done, CBD oil is made and now being used to deliver therapeutic benefits. Some of the benefits of CBD oil include pain relief, anxiety and depression reduction, cancer-related symptoms alleviation, and may also reduce acne. Furthermore, CBD oil is also proven to be an effective product that contains neuroprotective properties. Researchers believe tht aCBD has the ability to act on the endocannabinoid system and can deliver health benefits for people with neurological disorders. So aside from CBD for anxiety, you can also use cannabis for neurological diseases. 

Aside from our brains, our hearts can also be supported by CBD oil. According to research and studies, CBD oil has the ability to lower high blood pressure. Hence, people are starting to turn into this product as an alternative medicine compared to traditional ones. This is because cannabis herald is not only helpful on one particular diseases but it could also cure some of your existing diseases. Hence, if you want to try CBD oil as treatment for any of your health condition, you can check some of the established stores online.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl Strategy: Pink Ball Repulsion Event

For the Pink Ball Repulsion Event in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, not only do you have to defeat your opponent but you also have to beat the clock at the same time. Sounds like a daunting task doesn’t it? Here are some tips to help you out in this quick but somewhat difficult event.


The rivalry between Kirby and Meta Knight has spilled over to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The two well-rounded fighters are battling out once again. As the newcomer Meta Knight, you must stop Kirby from boarding your special battleship, the Halberd. In order to do so, you must defeat Kirby before the Halberd arrives. To help Meta Knight out, you are given 2 stocks of life compare to just 1 for Kirby.

Unlocking the Event

The Pink Ball Repulsion Event in the forth event, meaning it is unlocked from the very start of the game. If the person wants to unlock the event, then they should contact to the 토토먹verification websites. These websites will provide assistance to the gamers.


By beating the Pink Ball Repulsion Event, you will be rewarded the Halberd Trophy. Since you must beat 7 of the first 10 events to unlock Event #11-#20, you may also need to beat this particular event. Lastly, you must beat this event in order to unlock Event #41.

Basic Strategies


The Halberd stage will begin in a hangar housing Meta Knight’s battleship. After ten seconds about 10 seconds, the Halberd will take off and the stage will transform into a smaller platform chasing after the battleship.

When the platform finally lands on the battleship, the Halberd will be frequently bombarding the stage with lasers and cannons. That won’t happen in the Pink Ball Repulsion Event, however. Once Kirby boards the Halberd, it is game over.

You will have a time limit of approximately 1 minute and 24 seconds to defeat Kirby before the stage arrives on the Halberd.


You won’t need to worry about Kirby hurting you since he is more concerned about running away and evading. Not to mention that you have one more stock of life than him anyway. Hitting Kirby can be a chore because he is quick and can float in the air for a long time.


Meta Knight is great at dealing damage. His Mach Tornado and Drill Rush special moves will do wonders against Kirby. The hard part comes when trying to knock Kirby out. Meta Knight’s smash attacks are a little weak but it should suffice if you can keep up the assault. His Shuttle Loop special works well but is a little hard to pull off.


Items rarely appear in the Pink Ball Repulsion Event. So when they appear, pick them up immediately. Picking up and throwing items at Kirby is a quick and easy way to knock him out. If you are lucky, the throw-friendly Capsule item will spawn during this event.

Kirby is pretty elusive but if you can keep attacking him, he will fall to you eventually. Just beat him fast enough (under the time limit) and you will beat the Pink Ball Repulsion Event.


Mold! the Silent Killer! Mold Can Kill!

Mold is a fungus that is very dangerous to our health and can make us very ill and is in fact sometimes deadly. Many of us have seen horror stories on the news about families that became deathly ill for unknown reasons and even deaths and having it ultimately being traced back to mold in a home. The mold’s microscopic pores reproduce and are absorbed through the air, landing on places that are damp. Mold can grow on wood, foods, paper, fabrics and many other places. I have seen books with obvious mold on them from sitting in a damp garage. It can grow anywhere indoors with the help of it’s favorite “friend” moisture. It will not grow without it. Moisture is the food that mold grows on. The object of avoiding mold is therefore to avoid allowing moisture to sit indoors. If you life in New Jersey there is high probability that mold can start developing in your household. This is where you can take a look at mold inspection new jersey, these professional provide you all the tips and services that you need in order to get your home free from mold or any other dangerous fungus.

In order to keep your home safe and free of mold, be sure to fix any and all leaks and seepage as fast as you find them! There is no time to spare. The sooner sitting moisture is gone, the better your chances of not allowing mold to grow. If you have water leaking into your house from the outside then you must deal with the problem as quickly and completely as possible. Have the foundation around your house checked by a professional to find out exactly where the leak is coming from and have it fixed right away. During rain, be sure that your roof is designed properly with quality guttering in order to be certain that the water drains away from your house. To do this, check to be sure that the slope of the ground where the water drops goes away from and not towards your house.

If your home happens to have a crawlspace underneath it then check to be sure that it is draining properly and that it is properly ventilated. Poor ventilation in these spaces can be a hidden source of moisture and growth of mold.

In order to find out if your house has mold, use your senses. If you smell something that is musty then it is quite likely mold. If you see something that looks suspicious then do not hesitate to have it checked out by a professional. Better safe than sorry. A dehumidifier is always a good idea to help reduce the amount of moisture in the air and help reduce the threat of mold growth.

If you have even the slightest suspicion of having mold in your home then I very strongly advise having a professional come in to check it out. There are companies who can perform very accurate tests to find out if it is in fact mold or not. Once mold is diagnosed then there are techniques that these professionals use to dry out the problem and repair it before it becomes uncontrollable. If it is caught in a timely manner then the damage can be stopped. If you wait around and figure you will keep an eye on it, chances are that by the time you act on fixing the problem that it will be so out of control that the environment in your home will be unsafe to live in. Don’t allow mold to destroy your health and those that you love


4 Mistakes to be Aware of While Choosing the Perfect Tent

Are you on your way to buy your first tent? It could be that you are planning to set out for your first camping trip this year and hence you wish to have your own tent. That’s great- but remember, buying a tent is no cakewalk. There are several things to take care of here that newbies often fail to consider. But, you don’t have to worry about that- the post below shares a brief on the common mistakes committed by new tent buyers so that you can make an educated decision.

Buying in a rush

There is a wide variety of tents in the market today but not all would be compatible for you. So, if you settle with the first one you come across in a rush, you might not get the ideal tent for you. Always proceed with a shortlist of some of the best tents in the market. After you make the shortlist, take a comparative study to find out the most compatible one for you. Your chosen one should be able to accommodate your entire travel group and backed by a long line of happy customers.

Not considering waterproof features

Even if you are planning a camping holiday in summer, you could encounter heavy downpour. So, it would be a huge mistake on your part if you don’t invest in a waterproof tent. Your chosen tent should be made of waterproof fabric that can promise minimum 1500mm waterproof rating. Besides, best waterproof tents also feature large rainfly that flow down to sides and don’t just sit on top.

Not checking the poles

Regular tents are mostly made of fiberglass poles which are usually fragile. So, don’t make the mistake of taking to tents with fiberglass poles. Rather look for ones that assure sturdy aluminum poles.

Not checking seams

If your tent doesn’t come with sealed seams with double-stitching, you will only end up with leaky seams. So, be careful to check the seams before you buy your tent.


Bitcoin- The Trending Investment Plan for You! Grab Essential Points Here!!!

In modern society, where people are more considerate about the quality and superiority of things simultaneously, the bar of investments has also raised. Instead of investing and trading into old traditional methods, people are considering the superior and top-notch option of investment that is digital investment plans. 

In addition, people who have invested in digital investment plans have raised their funds surprisingly. Simply, by practicing a convenient strategy for investment, individuals can earn higher returns in lesser time. We are helping you to provide essential information about one of the digital trending options of investment that is bitcoin.

Bitcoin- trending investment plan for millennials

If possible, continue investing and trading into such a type of cryptocurrency that complete the following essentials:


  • Growing option
  • Worldwide validation
  • Better engagement
  • Ease of access
  • Higher returns

All of the essentials are completed by bitcoin that is a growing option of investment that’s leading reason why millions of people are getting engaged with it. Additionally, people are becoming more aware of the bitcoin world widely due to which it has validation across the world. as stated above, higher returns are helping one to understand the importance of good investment plans. Last but not least, it is the most hassle-free way of investing and trading over a larger platform. 


In the details stated above, we can surely get to know that it is convenient for you to invest and trade into the digital platforms instead of traditional ones. Bitcoin is trending due to worldwide validation of cryptocurrency, and millions of traders and investors are engaged with it. Therefore, bitcoin is the most trending digital alternate for investment in the modern world. Several sites ask one to browse this site and offer convenient services regarding trading and investing for attaining higher paybacks.


Three Reasons Why You’re Not Making Money Online

There are many reasons why some people don’t make money online. I have mentiioned a few below that may help you start getting your share of internet marketing money to get you in the game.

Reason #1: You’ve Yet To Start

I know a lot of people that want to make money online yet they have yet to make a move. Everyday they complain that they are not making money. When you ask them to show you what they are doing, they hem and haw and can’t come up with anything concrete.

The fact remains that if you don’t start, you for sure will not make any money. You don’t have to read all of the ebooks in the world to start an online business. You don’t have to get it perfect at the beginning. Just get it going. Have you started?

Reason #2: You Quit Too Easily

There is no magic solution on the internet. In other words, there is no guarantee that as soon as you start you will be making money.

A lot of people quit because they did not make any money the first day, or first week, or first month. If you’re one of those people you need to hang in there and don’t expect miracles. With some hard work and perseverence you can eventually build up some business. Just don’t stop too soon.

The fact remains that there is money to be made on the internet and if you quit, you will be the loser. Others will keep making money while you moan that it just doesn’t work.

Reason #3: You Don’t Want To Build A Website

While I agree that you can make some money online without a website, the truth remains that if you want to build a sustainable internet business you need to build a website.

You can create your own unique website complete with your own professional domain name and web hosting account. If you don’t know how to build a website you can hire someone who can.

Reason #4: You’re Not Building A List

If you’re not new to internet marketing you would have heard the statement “the money is in the list”. Everywhere you turn you hear marketers say it. You keep hearing it because it is true. Once you build a responsive opt in email list you have a good chance of making some money on the internet. Just send good offers to your list members and watch them pay you money.

Whether you’re selling your own products or you are an affiliate, it is very important that you build your list.

These were a few reasons why you might not be making money on the internet. Sometimes it is just lack of technical knowledge or funds to get started. The main thing is to get started and you will learn more and more everyday as you visit the forums and talk to other marketers. Get your feet wet and things will become more clear as you venture further out.

Making money online is no child’s play as you need to invest your valuable 15-20 hours minimum in order to earn sound income so not many people venture into this area except those who have a fire of passion burning inside them to achieve something in life. Most people prefer tampa marketing over other portals as it is quite affordable and not as hard a task master as others.