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Nigeria’s Endless Wait For Digitisation

The fast paced world has quickly shifted from analog to digital technology real quick; ever since, there has been a consistent reform in technological aspect. With regard to television, it can be stated without any doubt that it was once considered a normal device with just a few channels for entertainment. But, with technology, it has changed the way we look at television or the media that is delivered through. However, Nigeria seems to be lagging when it comes to the most essential and necessary change needed for a contribution towards overall development of the country through digital media and internet television

Digital forecast in Nigeria:

Nigeria’s journey towards digital broadcasting and iptv subscription formerly began in 2007, ever since then it has been struggling to spread this motive across the country. The ill management of politics and low funding has been a biggest challenge. The government took necessary steps in 2008 to make shift from analogue to digital, but, it consecutively failed to follow up and ended up missing three deadlines in the past in 2012, 2015 and even in 2017.  The struggle of keeping up with the world for digitization is still in progress.

Nigeria’s move to expand digital broadcasting:

Nigeria’s objective is to replace terrestrial television with digital broadcasting or internet television that will bring in excellent service for viewers and aid in revenue streams for the government and people across the nation. It will also welcome new business strategies. Four out of 36 states excluding Federal capital territory (FCT) of Nigeria has successfully made a shift for this motive. The country needs funding of about N69 billion so that Nigeria’s wait of iptv subscription is put to rest.

The technology inherited with digitization enables endless possibilities for the nation. A revolutionary change in Nigeria can be brought in by contributors to assess the motive. It seems like only time and funds will kick off Nigeria’s endless wait of digital broadcasting.


Few Benefits Of Using Corrugated Box Storage

Corrugated box isused for packaging fragile items. It is generally used for shipping and moving which comes in handy as it is light weighted, durable and recyclable. These boxes can fit an article of upto 25-30 feet; it is rigid in structure and provides cushioning so that the item doesn’t get any scratches or any other damage. To sum up all it is compact and can be easily fit anywhere which can be carried anywhere easily and because of all this quality, it is the best packaging material.

Why you should choose corrugated box over any other packaging material?

These are made out of cardboard and are compactable and come in different shapes and sizes which are available in varied thickness. If you are moving to a new place this can be very useful for fragile items like glasses, dining sets and other items like this you can wrap all of your items in the corrugated box. Packaging material should be waterproof or it will damage your articles which are not water resistant like food products which are packed for a longer distance to travel. These corrugated boxes are also waterproof and don’t let the moisture inside the box.

Few advantages of using a corrugated box

Corrugated box is the best packaging material which you can use for your precious belongings. Some of its benefits are

  • Cost Efficient

: It does not cost you much and are compactable which means you can fold them easily.

  • Availability

You can get them anywhere there are many corrugated box suppliers both offline and online which are available in different sizes, shapes,and

  • Easily recyclable

The best part of these packaging materials is that it is completely eco-friendly and can be easily recycled.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are working in an industry or you have to move to have a new place you can always rely on these packing material which you can get from nearest corrugated box supplier or you can search online for better results.


Tips To Work Effectively With Criminal Defense Lawyer

Are you facing any criminal defenses? Then hire the experienced lawyer for criminal defense. The attorney provides you an effective solution for all kinds of the criminal defense case. They have knowledge in handling all kinds of criminal cases such as theft, drug offenses, weapons, impaired driving, fraud, and others. When you are looking for the best criminal defense lawyer then Jeff Lichtman is the right choice. The attorney can understand the problems completely and fight for the cases. The experienced lawyer helps you to come out from the case easily.

Guide for working with an attorney for criminal defense

Find the right attorney  

When you need to a solution for criminal cases then you should engage with the experienced lawyers. The attorney has skill in the criminal offenses so they provide right solution immediately. You can save time by working with the attorney. They help with corporate work, LLC, and others.

Look for flat fee 

Most of the lawyer will consider the flat fee for the project. If the customers require the documents from the attorney then they ask an affordable flat fee. Before you hire the lawyer you should consider the flat fee.

Provide feedback

The frequently taking helps to improve the relationship between the clients and lawyer. They can provide excellent service when they know about you better. Once the process is completed, you must provide feedback to the attorney. The feedback is critical in this procedure.

Clear communication

Before consulting the lawyer you make sure what you need to ask an attorney and you want help with them. Most of the people send email to their lawyer that make them confused about what they need. So you should communicate clearly and get the right solution immediately for the criminal case.


Important Strategies To Become A Pro At Block City Wars

Block City Wars is a combination of top-rated games like GTA and Minecraft. It provided the best game playing experience and it is not that easy to win the game. If you are a beginner and looking for the top strategies to win the game, then this post is for you. It is a zombie game and has many features like the range of vehicles that can be used on the game, more than 100 weapon types like rifles, and online multiplayer facilities. Crossing each level is fun, engaging, and thrilling to lead the game score. Check out the post to know about more strategies to play the game like a pro.

  • Killing animals:

It is very easy to get killed by the ferocious animals on the game. Hence use your weapons wisely to kill all the animals that try to kill you to save yourselves.

  • Avoiding certain zombies:

Old zombies are more threat and hence avoid them. The zombies are far more dangerous compared to the above animals. Try to escape from the zombies and the old city. Check out the post to know about zombie types and their harm.

  • Not judging:

It is important to not judging these zombies as they pretend to be a nice one.

  • Getting the fastest car and top weapons:

It is important to get the fastest car to compete with the other players to speed up the race.

  • Get out immediately:

If any damage is in front, do not hesitate getting out of the vehicle. Get out the vehicle with the jet pack in order to fly away.

  • Clever plans:

It is important to play cunning in order to win the game. Only clever plans work out in winning the block city wars.

  • Finding hidden coins:

Prizes are cool and check out the post for more prizes. The hidden coins are the only way to get these prizes.

The Block City Wars is an interesting online multiplayer game only if you know certain strategies and techniques to lead the game.


A Brief Guideline For Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most popular online video gaming platforms. It is a collaborative game wherein different players team up to battle against other players or enemies. However, a single player game is also available.

Rules to be followed

The enemies are usually zombie-like creatures. The Fortnite Battle Royale is the most popular game, wherein a hundred players can enter and fight against each other. The last standing person then becomes the winner. Access for the game is very easy, you have to do online registration by providing your e-mail address. There is no verification of the age required. Therefore, many young players participate in the games. There are various reasons associated with the popularity of fortnite. One of them is its easy accessibility as it is available online and is free of charge.

It can be played through various devices and is available on both iOS and Android OS. The lack of age verification provides a larger audience, as teenagers contribute a huge percentage of online video gamers. It offers excellent graphics with a real-life open-world environment. Also, the games can be lasting for nearly half an hour or more. Therefore, it can be a deeply engrossing game. Due to the no age-verification code during its signing up process, many younger children are exposed to some of the violent scenes during the game. Parents can look at this now as a concern. It is important for the parents to provide the necessary guidelines for younger children, especially those who are below 12 years old. For any inappropriate content or conduct during the game, it can be informed to the developers through the feedback system which can be accessed after logging into your account.

Thus, fortnite is a popular and engrossing online gaming platform with various levels and interactive facilities. This can be accessed freely, without any age restrictions. Therefore, young players can take guidance before signing up.


Ethereum Blockchain Undergoes Massive Cryptocurrency Gambling Exodus

With the massive increase in mobile devices and faster network available almost everywhere, there has been a great increase in Judi online. This is also due to the utmost comfort that people get while gambling with their phones or other mobile devices at their homes. Not just that, people get to play all the games online with just a good internet connection and the bank account is linked to the account registered on the website. The money is directly taken from the account or put in the account in case of winnings or loses.

Why use cryptocurrencies for gambling online?

Judi online has found to have an increase in the use of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. in recent years due to the increase in the value of these digital currencies. It is easier to use cryptocurrencies in gambling websites online and also there are separate websites which especially facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies.  These websites offer games like Dice, Blackjack, Roulette, Lottery, Poker, Plinko, slots, etc. which is almost all the games that are available in the casinos around the world.  With all the games that a gambler needs in the click of a button in their phone. Ethereum cryptocurrency has seen an increase in usage recently when compared to other digital currencies.

A lot of cryptocurrencies based Judi online web sites have come up in recent years due to various reasons and one main reason is that it is legal to gamble with these digital currencies online and countries do not have any laws regarding gambling with cryptocurrencies. So people have turned to use Ethereum and other currencies nowadays over actual money. Even gambling sites have their money converted to cryptocurrencies to keep the legislature away from taking any action in case of illegal gambling. So people looking for online gambling using these digital currencies are to look up different sites before choosing the best one.


How To Persistently Avoid Blogging Bright And Shiny Syndrome?

Today everyone is surrounded by several options to choose from but people always tend to get attracted towards the shinier objects, that is a part of human nature. This is what happens one start their own business, there are several things to acquire and learn and then they think why not find out more. This keeps one more confused and bogged up as there are several things that one see as shortcuts to reach one’s goal quickly. These things are known as bright and shiny objects.

Same is the situation with blogging too, as many want to do blogging as an escape from their dead-end jobs and earn money. There are several things that try to attract one towards them, like different tools, techniques, strategies etc.this makes a blogger simply jump from one after the other and abandon each idea before trying to make it successful. All this basically is called blogging bright and shiny object syndrome.

Problems with BBSOS

  • It interrupts one’s workflow and deviates from one thing to the other.
  • This leads to the non-implementation of one’s goals and strategies.
  • It leads to wastage of time and money, and most importantly energy and patience.

How to avoid BBSOS

Getting frequently distracted from one’s objective of blogging can be dangerous for one’s blog. One should keep in mind these things to avoid BBSOS:

  • Explore and investigate only for a specific time, and see what things can help in improving one’s blog content and blog deliverance.
  • Always strategic a blog keeping in mind all factors like value addition, time, money and skills required. If these things match then only go ahead.
  • Commit to the strategy selected, try to stick to the plan and implement it to the fullest.
  • And most importantly don’t just blog to earn money, have fun and try to learn from the experience.

Just like any other work or job, blogging also takes planning, strategizing, commitment and proper execution. Leaving anything in between will lead to loss and ultimately lack of patience. So, one should always be honest with themselves before taking up blogging because it also requires the same amount of hard work like any other jobs.

Health and Fitness

The Perfect Keto Chicken Recipes For Dinner

The briefing on the Keto diet

The Keto or Ketogenic Diet is the diet containing higher amounts of protein and fats and a lower proportion of the carbs. It runs on the principle of fat burning for offering energy to the body, rather than the carbohydrates, to maintain the perfect health and have the required body figure. This diet is followed primarily to prevent excessive accumulation of fats that can cause some coronary diseases. The article details mostly on some of the chicken recipes for the dinner that are a perfect fit for an ideal keto diet, some of which can be found in

The top 4

The following are the top 4 chicken recipes suggestions for the ones going on intake of the Keto diet:  

  • Peanut Chicken Skillet, which is cooked out of the thinly cut chicken breasts cooked in olive oil, ghee or peanut offer to provide sufficient amount of fats. Cooking at medium to low heat with the right combo of salt and pepper gives the entire dish a unique taste and marks the perfect end of the hectic day at the dinner table.
  • Sheet Pan Chicken, which combines the crispiness of chicken thighs with the perfect blend of spice and Brussels sprouts. The avocado oil cooked in the ideal medium of a microwave oven imparts the required fat content in the item and hence can become the haven for the keto dieticians.
  • Caprese Chicken, which rightly hits the taste buds owing to the perfect combo of chicken with the trio of tomato, basil leaves,and mozzarella cheese. 25-28 minutes of bake in the oven and garnish with the basil leaves can make this item the perfect one for a keto dinner.
  • Pan Seared Chicken Thighs with Creamy Rosemary Mushrooms, cooked in the olive or avocado oil brings out the right tastes of the chicken thighs and the other prime ingredients of rosemary, mushrooms, garlic,and heavy cream.

Hence, those mentioned above should be given a try in the keto diets to add new flavors in it and help in the healthy body concept on a real sense.


Which PC Game Is Most Played By Gamers And Why?

Game lovers always love to PC games when they want to play video games. By picking this option, they can easily spend their leisure time and also get entertained on a huge level. Well, different people have different choices; however, the majority of the players pick the option of Asphalt. Basically, this is the racing video game, which is developed and published by Gameloft. In order to play, the players have to undergo the 먹튀검증 process.

Reasons behind the popularity of Asphalt

Asphalt is a famous racing game among gamers. When it comes to the reason behind the popularity, then we can check out several different options. If you are willing to know about these reasons, then read the further article.

  • The main reason behind the huge popularity is the amazing graphics. It means we can collect the best experience of playing by choosing this option.
  • The concept of playing is also too easy, which can be followed by everyone with ease. Every feature is simple to understand.
  • The players can enjoy different models of cars, and they are also allowed to upgrade the cars by completing several different challenges.

  • Players also get the chance to pick the option of control setting. So, they can go with the one that they feel comfortable to access.
  • They can also play in multiplayer mode and get the chance to play with their friends by which the enjoyment level increases.

These are a few reasons by which there are many players, who are going with this option. That’s why, if there is anyone, who wants to play PC games, then he/she should give the preference to Asphalt. They can enjoy a lot and also kill leisure time easily.

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Top 3 Places To Visit In Dubai

If you are the one who is looking for things to do in Dubai, you are surely present at the right place to gather all possible details. Dubai has been the most preferred place to visit for the tourists in the recent times. In simple words, you are served with endless adventure and fun in Dubai, if you have some spare money to spend. It is basically the perfect blend of awesome architecture stands as well as great looking traditional quarters that will keep you attracted for a long time. If you have searched a bit about Dubai, you must have heard about man-made luxurious islands being developed out of the coastline. Still here, we will share out top 3 places to visit in Dubai that will completely sort out the query of “Things to do in Dubai”

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the world’s largest building having 828 meters height. If you miss this particular iconic building, for sure your trip to Dubai was left incomplete. It is the tower that has completely dominated the Dubai Skyline and when you get close or inside the building you are served with many breath-taking views.

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai mall is close to Burj Khalifa and is the biggest mall in the entire world. Even if you have a complete day for the shopping still you will not be able to visit entire mall. There are more than 1000 shops and close to 150 odd restaurants.

The Dubai Fountain

If you are the one who is fond of watching dancing water or fountains, there is no better place than the Dubai Fountain. The water jet sways are presented in colourful ways and water dances on different popular musical numbers. This particular dancing water show is extremely popular and most loved by the tourists.