Anonymous Surfing: Facts & Significance

Anonymously surfing the internet enables a web surfer to explore websites and pages without having them gather their information. Websites are known for collecting personal details without users being aware of it, their free services are attained at the price of your privacy. Utilizing an anonymous browser is comparable to routing an ordinary internet service through a virtual private network.

Anonymous browsing particulars 

Online privacy and anonymous browsing are barely hypothetical in the internet domain. Amongst a multitude of methods available online for browsing the internet anonymously, the Tor browser and VPNs are much-publicized and renowned. Surfing the web anonymously provides the following specifics:

  • Secure Browsing History

A wide range of people believe that VPNs and other IP cloaking mechanisms are only required for illegal surfing or anyone with the intention of browsing the dark web. This is clearly a misconception, VPNs and private browsers safeguard your data, not letting websites scavenge for your personal information & sell it to various companies for advertisements.

  • Altering Your IP for conservancy

Several streaming services and websites regulate their prices by relying on the user’s whereabouts. An anonymous browser does not grant these internet websites with your actual IP address, thus allowing you to avail their services at a cheaper price. Clearing your browsing cookies is substantial for changing your location.

  • Paralyzing third-party cookies

Private browsers and VPNs provide a secure service by disabling third-party cookies and barring the entire location data that are present in your normal browser’s settings. They recommend users to surf through varied search engines so that your search habits are not traced by Google.

Why employ anonymous surfing techniques?

Even though the answer to this differs from person to person, it eventually reaches the privacy aspect. Anonymous browsing conceals your online searches & prevents websites from flooding your emails with spams.