Air-Fryer: What Is It And Why Is It The New Health Fad?

‘Mmhh! Look at those yummy chips, I don’t want to eat that,’ said no one ever. The thought of the ungodly amount of oil used to get that deep fried crispiness might send the health-conscious people packing. So, enter the air fryer. Is it possible to eat all those yummy deep-fried oily food minus the, well oil?

The air fryer may not guarantee 100 percent oil-less cooking but it does, drum roll please- shave of about 80 percent of the usual amount. Gasps of disbelief. Friends, I kid you not, you can actually get deep fried prawns, chips, fishes, chicken, steak and all those other mouth-watering fried food your sagging waist-line banned you from using way lesser oil.


What is an air fryer? How does it work?

As its name says, an air fryer cooks food using extremely hot air. There is heating element which is located near the food and the air is provided by the exhaust fan. The air is then heated up to great temperatures like 200 degrees and it is circulated in and around the food for even cooking. With only the help of an heating element and our good ol’ fan, which after being put together in an innovative fashion, we can achieve a healthier and low calorie fried nosh.

The air fryer comes with a detachable tray. Due to that excellent concentration cooking on the food, meaning – the heat is trapped inside, leading to only few minutes of achieving your desired level of doneness, you can get your lip-smacking, crispy low-calorie food within 10-15 minutes, depending on the quantity of the food and tray.  Not only fried foods, you can bake your favorite cake within 25 minutes in the air fryer as opposed to 40-60 minutes in the oven and any other type of food.


How is that much of heat managed?

To manage the heat, there is a cooling system provided. There is a fan affixed whose responsibility is to monitor and control the internal temperature. This fan sends fresh air from the top of the apparatus to the bottom layer. This ensures periodic cooling of the fryer. Also the fan regulates the cooking environment internally, keeping it clean. This cooling system makes it user friendly as there is no need to worry about burning yourself. The benefits are just too much. Less oil, healthier food, and only few minutes of patience.What are you waiting for? Get an air fryer for yourself now.

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