A Treat To Foodies: Singapore Delight

Foodies are found in every corner of earth and a real foodie can travel anywhere in the world for his/her favourite food. And talking about places, then Singapore is one of the most loved destinations for foodies.  Apart from its beauty, Singapore is famous for its delicious food among tourist. For food obsessed people, Singapore is a magnet. From its street food coming in $4 to its top class restaurant dinner costing $400, everywhere there is availability of yummy food.

Coming to the taste of food, then since Singapore is the mixture of different ethnic groups migrated from different parts of world, the food here are also the mixture of various tastes. Food here is influenced from lots of cultures one can mark the essence of Indian, Malaysian, Chinese, Western etc food. In Singapore, eating is the national past time and food is the national debate topic.

So in a country, where food is the national obsession, just wonder, how delicious will it be? There are many blogs dedicated to delicious food of Singapore. You can Google them with the keyword”food blog Singapore”. So if you are a foodie, and you are planning to visit Singapore, for any purpose (like business, tourism etc), here is the list of food that you must try.


  • Chicken Rice: National dish of Singapore, this dish is easily available. It is a common dish that you can spot on any hawker centre or can get one in expensive restaurant.
  • Chilli Crab: Fried crab filled with tangy gravy sounds so much yum. Another tasty dish that is also easily available.
  • Fish Head Curry: Head of the fish accompanied by the cooked vegetables makes a very good dinner. Spicy in taste, this dish is in the must try dish.
  • Fried Carrot Cake: White and black colour dish, contains the essence of orange. Yes in this dish, there is an orange flavour taste which makes it perfect for dessert.
  • Hokkien Prawn me: If you are a prawn lover, then this dish is for you. Embedded with spicy fried delicious noodles, this food is basically a prawn rich dish.
  • Kaya Toast: If you looking for something sweet and tasty, then Singapore has a Kaya Toast for u. Sweet in taste, this dish is a mixture of sugar rush and crunch.
  • Laksa: Laksa is basically the combination of Malay, ingredients and Chinese flavour foods. Its foundation layer is of rice noodles, followed by the curry layer and pieces of proteins. Singapore is full of Laksa restaurants. Laksa is basically a coconut milk dish which is spicy in taste.
  • Nasi Lemak: Another mouth watering dish of Nasi lemak. Basically Nasi Lemak is the type of creamy ricemade with the help of salt, coconut milk served with the sambal chilli sauce that adds the extra scintillating taste.


  • Rojak: Basically Chinese and Indian Rojak are found in the streets of Singapore. Chinese rozak is the combination of bean Sprouts, fruits like pineapple, Chinese youtiao etc, all clubbed together with palm sugar glaze and shrimp paste. To make it look delicious, topping of crushed peanuts is done on the Chinese Rozak. Talking about Indian Rozak, then Indian version of this dish is basically a combination of vegetables, deep fried fritters, fruits and potatoes. On this mixture, spicy sauce and sweet peanut is also added.
  • Roti Prata: This Indian delight is very appealing to eyes. The way chef (prata maker) converts dough to the shape of prate is highly appreciable to watch.

Apart from these dishes, other dishes like sambal stingray, Chili crab, Murtabak, Nasi Padang, Durian, Ice kacang, Satay, Zi Char Meal, Peranakan food etc are famous treats of Singapore.

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