A Bose Surround Sound System, The Ultimate Listening Experience

With new bose surround speakers you get cinema-like sound quality at your home. Priced at 28,240.00 rupees, you can get one of the best speakers in the market. These small speakers are full of sound and add to your cinematic experience and are loaded with bose cinemate. With these installed you can experience explosions and car chases in a completely different way. You can enjoy acoustic music and guitar solos along with sweeping verses as you get them. These surround speakers are designed in such a way that they work seamlessly with bose soundbar 700 or bose soundbar 500. These rear speakers with their high-quality sound can make your Tv, sports or movie experience more enjoyable and memorable.

As you add these speakers to your soundbar you get a complete movie theater experience that is quite awesome. If you are wondering that these speakers would be quite difficult to install then you are wrong. What makes them more interesting and useful is their easy installation. You get two wireless receivers along with the speakers making it much easier for you to manage and control the speakers. Once you are done with the installation you can enjoy the sound of these marvels at the touch of a button.

If you want to complete your setup of bose soundbars then these speakers would be your best option. You get compact and powerful speakers that work seamlessly with your soundbar to give you the best surround sound. There are several other accessories that you can buy in order to make the installation process much easier. You can even mount these speakers onto your wall with the help of these tools. Lastly, for a premium experience, it is recommended that you install these speakers opposite to your main listening area.