7 Gaming Apps That Will Improve Your Coding Skills

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BandarQ Online is growing rapidly and there are a number of interactive games that help people in learning new things. If you are interested in learning coding or improving your coding skills, here are certain games that you can check out:

  1. Code Monkey

This game uses a real time language for programming called CoffeeScript to help its players understand the basics of coding. The game has been designed to teach kids develop their own games in HTML5.

  1. CodinGame

You can learn 25 coding languages with this game. The game starts at a beginner level and players who are able to improve their performance can participate in international competitions as well.

  1. CSS Dinner

The game has been developed to teach the players the basics of coding with CSS. The game has 32 levels and each one is more difficult and complex than the other, aimed to check your knowledge and give a new and more advanced lesson.

  1. Flexbox Froggy

The game has a character Froggy who is in a flexbox setup. As the player uses CSS codes on the Froggy, he performs various tasks and provides basic CSS lessons to the players.

  1. Code Combat

This game usesPython, CoffeeScript, JavaScript and Lou to teach coding to the players. It involves a slightly higher level of coding and can be difficult for beginners initially.     


  1. Ruby Warrior

Ruby Warrior provides a complete guide to people who want to learn Ruby in a fun gaming mode. The game starts at a beginner level and the difficulty increases up to intermediate level as you gain more knowledge.

  1. Untrusted

This game is based on meta- JavaScript and asks the players to use their knowledge of the language to solve the challenges within the game. As the players get better, the problems get more complex.