4Simple Care Tips To Keep Silver Jewelry Anew

Are you fond of your silver jewelry collection and need suggestions on how to keep it as good as new? Well silver jewelry is priceless. You need to maintain your jewelries to make their shine long lasting. Here are some simple care tips you need to keep in mind to keep your silver jewelry anew.

  • Know you sterling number

The maintenance needs of your jewelry largely depend on the sterling number. Keep in mind that silver is a soft metal so in order to make jewelries out of it one needs to use an alloy, say brass. That is when the sterling numbers come in use. It determines the percentage of silver the jewelry has been made of. This way, 931 silver means 93.1 percent of you jewelry is made of silver.

  • Store with Care

Silver is priceless. Make sure you do not keep it in random places like your other jewelries. Stop throwing them around on your dressing tables or purse or drawers. Make sure you keep them safe in air-tight bags which will ensure that your jewelry keeps shining no matter how old it gets.

  • Keep it dry

Do not wet your silver. Avoid wearing your silver ornaments while taking shower or in the pool or the hot tub. Purified water does not harm your fine silver but since we can hardly find any pure water around us, it is safe to keep you silver away from water.

  • Polishing

No matter how dedicatedly you follow everything to keep your silver clean it does get dirty at one point. You have to maintain the polishing as per requirement so that it looks as good as new. It is very easy to clean you silver. You will require a special cloth for jewelry cleaning or otherwise a simple microfiber cloth to would do. Also, remember not to use paper towels.