4 Cool Card Games For kids

Card games are amazing for kids. It helps in cognitive improvement and also sharpens strategic and analytical skills. And of course, card games mean hours of endless fun. You can play card games like Judi Online over the internet. You can also buy a card game for your home.  Are you planning to introduce your munchkin to card games? That’s awesome and here some cool card game ideas for you.

Hoyle 6-in-1 Playing Cards Fun Pack

The awesome part is this game pack contains not 1 but as many as 6 card games for little ones. It can be played with 2 and more players and minimum age eligibility is 3 years. The box comes with a host of cool games including, Crazy Eights, Old maid, Memory, Go Fish and so on. Each game has its own unique gameplay and theme. All the games are designed for kids and hence carry a breezy gameline.

Zeus On The Loose

It’s another great multi-player card game. Each player here will receive 4 cards. Every card features some Greek God or a number. The card value will be dependent power of Greek deity featured on the cards. The main aim here is to hike to the peak of Mt. Olympus to catch Zeus.

Snip Snap Snorem

This game can be played by 3 or more players and minimum age eligibility is 4 years. Players will have sort out cards according to specific ranks and the game will start with player sitting at left side of dealer. The main objective here is to relieve your hands of all cards as fast as possible.

Rolling Stone


The game can be played with 4-6 players. It begins with every player cutting deck as well as picking a card. Dealer will be the one who gets highest card. To win the game, one has to get rid of all cards as quickly as possible.