2moons – Free Fantasy Mmorpg Review In Brief! Check This Out

2moons is a free mmorpg(Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) by Acclaim which allows players embark in various quest while fighting monsters to gain experience. This game has a lot to offer when you first start the game ,but I found towards the higher levels (80+) it lacks quest and gameplay which will cause a lot of player to get bored with playing the game and give up. Another major turn off this game has is the disconnections at random times which cause a lot of problems in game as well as a big time waster. When I play a game I don’t want to be disrupted every hour or so many minutes which makes this flaw really hurts 2moons. Dispite these errors,some lag and an occasional bug here and there 2moons is a pretty solid game. 2Moons offers six classes including: azure knights,segnales,vicious summoners,incar magicians,segita hunters,and bagi warriors. Each class like most mmorpgs is balanced carrying with both strength and weaknesses. This game allows players to make the type of character they want by placing the stats where they want them making each class have many different types of builds.

The graphics in this game are good when it comes to character design,level design,and monster design which makes this game a wonder site to look at when playing for hours on end. The sound is another plus which makes you feel like you in the middle of the action when fighting monsters or against other players when playing online on Nova88 which has some excellent games like these. This game offers a pk (player kill) and pvp (player vs player) system that will let players relax from grinding (fighting monsters for a certain amount of time to gain experience in a attempt to level) and have fun by killing other players or playing to win pvp points which don’t have any use except for bragging rights. This game also has various events that go on during certain days or holidays which spice up gameplay and make playing on these dates a lot more enjoyable.

For example sometimes there are 2x (double) experience for a certain amount of time or players get a message on their screen telling them hints where to find gms in a attempt to win prices such as coins for the acclaim coin shop or in game money and items. I loved the way the pk and pvp were implemented in this game because outside of safe zones you can attempt to kill any player at any give time ,but with pvp you can battle people anywhere and if you die during pvp you won’t have to go all the way back to your last respawn spot but instead you can revive back at the place you are at which makes pvp not that risky. If your looking for a fun game with plenty of features and events then look no farther 2moons will more then satisfy your gaming needs and that is why I highly recommend this game. Be sure to check out my blog for more reviews and tutorials at http://tutorialandeditorials.blogspot.com/