February 2020

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Three Social Media Sites to Assist in Your Job Search

Let’s face it. The job market is scary, incredibly scary. One manager swap or client upset, and you will see coworker’s bodies fly out the door like the battle with Sauron in the opening scene to Lord of the Rings. These are frightening times, but we are not helpless in our job search. Thankfully, there are a number of tools at our disposal to assist in our job search, to prevent that dreaded employment gap. Here is a list of a few that have been helpful for me:

Gist: Gist may not appear to be helpful, but do not write it off yet. At first glance, you may find it impressive that compiles your “most important” contact’s activities, but that is not its best ability. Gist is a bird dog for information about your contacts. For example, let us say that a recruiter just contacted you and you add them to your Outlook contact list. Gist will scour the Internet for information about that recruiter, including social media sites, blogs, and other important data. This means that Gist may find a twitter feed that this recruiter uses to tweet about immediate job postings before they reach sites like Monster and Careerbuilder. That little bit of info could give you the edge you have been looking for in the job search.

VisualCV: For those of us who think that perfect resume is nothing but non-distracting text may not like this site at all. Visual CV is not ADD-friendly at all. The site provides a way to build a website around selling you to future employers, including profile photos, portfolio links, and ways to show off your latest degree or award. You can configure the design of the site however you wish, but this does not mean that you have to be an expert web designer. VisualCV provides enough profile templates to help novices build a great site. VisualCV is perfect if you are in a visually based industry, such as the arts or have the ability to provide graphs and charts showing your performance. Those who do not wish to have such a visually active profile may opt for the next site listed.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is quickly becoming a Facebook for those in the IT field. With LinkedIn, you can list everything that you would normally list on your resume and make it public. This way, employers can find you easily and know the basics before contacting you. In addition, LinkedIn provides a way for you to blog about your current activities. In other words, your employers will not only see your resume, but also see your latest award gained at work, what your career plans are, or how you are increasing your knowledge in your field. All of these are great things, but the power behind LinkedIn is how your contacts tie you into the HR managers in the companies you wish to apply. Using LinkedIn, you can gather your army of coworkers and friends as advocates, giving them an opportunity to recommend you to your future employer.

In addition to using social media outlets such as Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook to build your personal brand, the sites listed here will assist in your job search. You can also get followers on instagram and look for professionals or pages related to job search. This will give you more chances of getting to the network that you prefer. Each provides a way either to keep contact with your friends in higher places or to sell your abilities to the masses. With these tools, you will never have to follow Anna Chapman’s footsteps and use racy photos to get the job you want (Biddle, 2010). 


JFC Movie Review: Biutiful

Starring: Javier Bardem, Maricel Alvarez Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu

To we moviegoers, “plotless” is usually a four-letter word. But though we’re less than two months into the new year, the better pictures I’ve viewed so far haven’t necessarily been about having a plot as much as being a gritty testament to the human spirit. Biutiful joins Another Year and The Way Back in such company.

These days, movies are of such quality that there is less attention given to the plot and premise and the emphasis is more on music and romance, but biutiful is an exception in this regard as it has highlighted societal problems like racism in a commendable manner and all actors have done a wonderful job in portraying their characters. We can only hope that it would come out sooner than later on cyberflix tv and allow the larger audience to enjoy it. Now, let’s get back to the review of this film.

Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, Biutiful is told from the perspective of Uxbal (Javier Bardem), a hound-faced low-level criminal living in a racially-mixed Barcelona slum, and who has quite a few issues on his plate. He’s been diagnosed with terminal cancer – which has him regularly urinating blood – and is separated from his bipolar wife (Maricel Alvarez), who, to add insult to injury, is shacking up with his brother. While Uxbal cares for his two young children in less than stellar conditions, he tries to do likewise to a group of undocumented Chinese sweatshop workers harbored inside a warehouse, who make knockoff handbags that are sold by African street vendors. And then there’s the regular forking over of hush money to the police on the side.

All this with the unshakable shadow of death constantly looming overhead like a cloud, ready to douse any last feelings of happiness during his final days.

Receiving a Best Actor Oscar nomination – which, unfortunately, he won’t win – for his magnificent performance, Bardem makes his character sympathetic without being heavy-handed, that it often overshadows his shady dealings. Lest we forget, Uxbal is no angel by any means. But it doesn’t matter at all, due to the effortless grace in which he portrays the disheveled protagonist who realizes that being a do-gooder in a bad world is pretty much impossible. Compare that to the other new release, The Mechanic, in which we were given a standard Good Guy in which any semblance of emotional investment was nonexistent.

The consequences of Uxbal’s efforts are often disastrous. This eventually comes to a head in an astonishing scene where you will immediately realize what has happened but it won’t lessen its impact. It’s that powerful that exercising restraint in describing it in depth is proving most tenuous.

Rodrigo Prieto’s cinematography illustrates the tension of the characters; besides the typical shaky handhelds during heated dialogue exchanges, we also feel a character’s sense of panic as he rapidly paces back and forth. When Uxbal and his estranged wife fight at home over custody of their young son, we watch from a distance alongside his distressed ten-year-old sister. He also treats the bleak Barcelona urban landscape like another actor, capturing its persistently foreboding mood without the aid of a dominant score, especially during a breathtaking segment of a lengthy foot chase in which the African hustlers unsuccessfully attempt to evade arrest by pursuing police officers. Prieto often dishes up reminders that this definitely isn’t your touristy Barcelona; for instance, the camera lingers on a nondescript homeless man sleeping in an alley outside Uxbal’s apartment building.

As Uxbal plods through the nighttime neon jungle, bizarre tinnitus-like sounds combine with blurs of fluorescent light as his disease slowly continues to erode his senses, while a nightclub is completely swathed in a sea of psychedelic aquamarine light, complete with strippers sporting prosthetic breasts on their backsides.

Not only is the film overlong at two and a half hours, but Inarritu often makes the mistake of shifting the spotlight from Uxbal to other supporting characters, such as a homosexual relationship between a Chinese sweatshop overseer and his partner, which felt added in the name of shock value. There’s also a brief subplot involving a kind-hearted Senegalese woman, Ige (Diaryatou Daff), whose hustler son is facing deportation; she later serves as a nanny for Uxbal’s children for extra cash. Biutiful is completely Bardem’s film that I didn’t want it to be shared with anybody else.

If it feels like I’ve dwelt on Bardem a little too much in this review, I apologize. Such is his indelibility that without his presence, Biutiful would still be a formidable crime drama, but you still sense that something would be missing. Despite my nitpicking, it stands as a testament to Inarritu’s crisp direction – here aided by fellow Latin film heavyweights Alfonso Cuaròn and Guillermo del Toro – that he lays out his entire deck without fooling us with any false glamour all too prevalent in this genre. No fancy suits, no expensive cars, mind-numbing shootouts or cheap one-liners. Just the ugly final chapter in the life of an unexceptional man mired in an ugly trade in his ugly everyday surroundings. And what a biutiful tale it is.


Analysis of American History X

American History X is a powerful movie in any right made more powerful by choices that director Tony Kaye made for the movie. Kaye takes the reader from a range of emotions from hate and disgust to genuine hope for Derek and his family. He also makes us understand how racism and prejudice are taught on a daily basis by seemingly harmless comments. Then, this emotion can become twisted when someone becomes vengeful over the circumstances of his life. The basic plot of a white supremist who ends up turning his life around although too late for his little brother is made even more powerful by choices in music, cinematography effects, and writing.

The music choices are particularly powerful and lend themselves to the theme of the movie. The very first song called American History X is rather a haunting hymnal-type song and opens up the movie with an ominous scene of a beach and the tide ebbing and falling. Most of the music is of a classical, hymnal type without lyrics. This makes the dramatic scenes all the more dramatic. The songs either make a triumphant statement on the spirit and lift one’s spirits just by hearing the music or they emphasize the extreme danger of the thinking involved. For example, the song called “The Right Questions” is very dramatic and lifting as to show that Derek and Danny are learning to ask the right questions and not follow Cameron unflinchingly. They are learning how to question what they are told and think for themselves. “We Are Not Enemies” is such a beautiful and powerful song. It makes a person feel strong just listening to it. And the ending called “Benedictus” could move someone to tears by listening and fits well since it symbolizes Danny’s tragic and meaningless death. The only song with lyrics in the whole movie is the white supremist, piece of trash song that is playing while Derek’s ex-friend is driving down the road. This song is full of absolutely hateful epithets and allows the viewer to see the extreme violence and hateful nature of this entire way of life.

The effects of cinematography are particularly powerful as well. The most powerful effect of the movie is the telling of various parts in alternating black and white with color sections. The movie begins with the murder that sends Derek to jail. As the movie goes on, the viewer is then told the rest of the story about how he got to that point through the flashback technique with all scenes in black and white. Derek is, at that point, a white supremist, and his view of the world is very narrow. When the movie flashes back to what Derek experiences in prison and how he changes as result of this experience, the scenes are in color. Derek literally transforms before the viewer’s eyes and begins to look at life from a less “black and white perspective.” His viewpoint opens up and he realizes that the very narrow way that he lived was wrong. Nothing is as simple as it first appeared. People are not bad or good based on color. He realizes that life is about content, not color, and he can no longer abide by his old beliefs. The beginning and ending of the movie are also made more powerful by shots of the beach with the tide rising and falling as life does. These shots show that life goes on no matter what and the actions that are taken are unable to be taken back.

The last factor that makes this movie fantastic is the costuming or in some cases the lack of costuming has been solved all by megashare9 custom scene dresses that eventually saved the pack-up of shoot. The crudeness and coarseness of the characters is shown by all the scenes where men don’t wear shirts and their tattoos are prominent. In the scene where Derek kills the black man, he is in nothing but boxers and his swastika tattoo is prominent. Later, as the movie turns to color, the viewer sees the swastika less and less. In one scene, Derek looks in the mirror after a shower and takes his hand and puts it over the tattoo to give us our first glimpse of what he might look like as a “normal” person. Then, the viewer sees him in street clothes rather than the “goth” look of the other white supremacist. The slide that Derek’s family takes after the death of his father is also shown in the way the family dresses and appears. This is crucial because after his father dies, he is much more susceptible to the views of the group of white supremacist. The contrast between the “average” family and Derek’s family is clearly shown through dress.

By the use of music, effects of cinematography, and costuming, the main ideas of American History X are powerfully underscored. Tony Kaye makes some powerful choices in this movie to show how someone’s mind becomes so warped with hatred as to become prey to the white supremist groups out there. Amazingly, Kaye takes Derek who has committed this deplorable act, and the viewer ends up likening him and rooting for him. The movie ends by showing the viewer what a useless emotion hate is.


How to Make Money with Small Niche Websites

  1. Research the Niche

The first thing you need to do before really getting started with your small niche website is to check out what kind of search engine traffic you can get. A great tool to help do this is the Overture Suggestion tool(http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/). This allows you to type in a term and see how many people have searched for it over a one month period.

So for example, if you typed in our imaginary game title Crazy Limo, you are hoping to get a lot of results. You want it to at least be in the thousands of searches. If that is the case you are in good shape. The fact that you have a domain name with those keywords only (CrazyLimo.org) means that since there is interest in the game, you will get some pretty good type-in traffic to your site as well. Sure, most people will type in CrazyLimo.com, but a lot of people looking for information will also type in the .org version.

So now you know there is enough interest in your topic to create a small niche website. There is one more step however before you know if it’s a good idea to create your site about Crazy Limo, and that is to research your competition. To do this simply do a Google search on your proposed niche. If you see a lot of other sites already created specifically about your niche, it may not be a good idea to compete with a site yourself. You may be able to get your website on the first page of search engine traffic eventually with a lot of effort, but remember we are trying to create a niche website that gets into the top of the search engine rankings quickly.

On the other hand, if you are doing a small niche site on a video game and the top 10 search results mostly show things like game news and reviews, that is great news. It means there is little competition so far and it should be pretty easy to get a small niche website on that subject to make money.

As you are done with your research and sales forecast you can move to the next step. All this research is going to help you get the best possible results of all your hard work. You will get an idea of how your website is going to work and what would be the projected sales be. 

  1. Decide how to Monetize

Ok, so you have now found a niche and determined that it is worth creating a small niche website on the subject. Now it’s time to decide your monetization techniques. It is good to have a plan for monetizing your niche site before launching it.

Google Adsense is obviously one tool you will want to include in your plan. It is very effective because you know the ads that show up on your site will be very targeted, thus a high click-through rate. That said, it probably won’t be the main moneymaker for your site.

When creating a small niche site about a video game, the main source of income will come from earning a commission from selling the game itself (and other things related to it like game guides). To do this you need to search through an affiliate program site such as Commission Junction. When you search through Commission Junction you will likely find quite a bit of merchandise relating to the game. Making money-earning a commission like this has the potential to make a lot of money for you.

That does it for part two of ‘How to Make Money with Small Niche Websites.’ In part three you will learn how to design and build your site, as well as how to generate good content for the site to optimize it for search engines.


Tips In Choosing The Best Spot For An Office Area In Your Home

You want to come up with your personal office. You’ve seen the best office space at Marina bay today, but you simply opt to create one in your home. Many of us already have our home offices set up in our homes. We have tried places and moved around until we found out the best location for our office and then settled in.

However, with each passing day, and more unemployed individuals setting up their own work spaces at home, selecting the right work space is very important. It is important because it can save time and money.

There are some things that you should be aware of when you decide to select an office area. This article looks at those for you. I hope that you take these points into consideration.

First, never put your office in your main bedroom. You will find yourself answering emails in the middle of the night. If you must set up shop in your main bedroom, do it in an isolated corner. Your goal should be to try and create a space that works well for you.

Avoid small closets. You don’t ant to become a cubicle dweller. You will feel shut off from the rest of the world. A large walk in closet will work good. However, the clothes hanging in there have to go.

Try to avoid rooms that are located on the sunny side of the house. This is especially true if you have windows. In the afternoon, when the temperature rises, you will start feeling drowsy. The same can be said about areas of the home that are cold or have cold spots. When you start getting cold, you get up and look to move.

It is usually best to have your office located close to your phone. You can lose your concentration when you have to get up and answer the phone every five minutes.

If you have children at home and no nanny, you need an area where you can see them and continue to work. However, if you have a nanny, try to locate away from them. This way you can focus on the work at home that you need to get done.

Another distraction is what is happening outside your home. If your office or work space area is located near a front window, you will be distracted by vehicles driving by as well as what your neighbors are up to. Barking dogs can even break your level of concentration.

Food and drink can be a distraction, too. Try not to take it with you. If you need snacks or a liquid refreshment, plan for it a head of time.

Lighting is very important. You want to sty alert and on top of your work. Make sure you have the proper lighting in your work area. A strain on the eyes will make you sleepy.

Finally, have a good chair to sit in. A bad chair can go a long way in disrupting your work. Finding the right chair is not that easy. It should be portable, and comfortable to sit in.

If you are going to have a home workplace, make a valuable area for yourself.


Modafinil- Educate Yourself For Better Use

Is it possible to learn about each and every topic available in the world? Is there any person in existence who has claimed that he/she knows everything and there is nothing more left to learn?

In a word, no and that is simply because an individual gets to learn about new things at every phase in life and keeps on learning and understanding till his last breath. Those who claim to know everything about everything in the world are either lying or completely delusional.

Education is the popular keyword to success but it does not necessarily mean that being educated endows you with good culture and ethics as you can find numerous examples of terrorists who are quite educated and yet have used this knowledge to harm and kill innocent people in the form of attacks, 9/11 being one such example.

New Approach

There is a new topic that has been doing rounds for people who are interested in studying medicine and it is called modafinil. It is essentially a tablet or drug that can be considered a good remedy for insomnia.

People are deprived of good night’s sleep a lot in current times and modafinil has proved to be of great help in this regard. But it is quite harmful if taken in excess so one must study well about the topic so as to avoid hap hazards of such kind.

A popular generic form of modafinil is provigil and the dose that doctors normally recommend is 150 mg per day and never to exceed 500 mg. So this is a new approach to get to know the drug better.

Also, you need to take care to avoid side effects like nausea, nervousness, euphoria, mood swing, etc. as it has been found that excessive intake damages the system beyond repair and an overdose can also result in death.