January 2020

Social Networks

Twitter Linkedin Cross Networking Message Broadcasting

LinkedIn and Twitter have always been popular social networking sites alongside sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Orkut. People today from all over the world are effectively connected with the help of these sites and getting socialized too. Because of this it’s possible to identify and locate just about anybody you want to on any of these platforms.

Social networking sites, apart from social networking, also act as potent business communication service. A lot of businesses and companies use these sites for cross network broadcasting to communicate with each other and with clients and market their products and services. Especially for small businesses, sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn prove to be a blessing as they are free to join. All you require is the most effective business profile to advertise and market your business to a huge audience base around the world.

Recently, Twitter and LinkedIn have partnered to provide its users highly enhanced, in fact doubled audience base. This potent cross network message broadcasting allows for immense power through a variety of features. Even as you set status on LinkedIn you can also tweet it simultaneously amplifying possibilities of being identified through real time searches. Similarly, as you tweet using any tool or service from Twitter, you can simultaneously broadcast the message to LinkedIn users.

Networkers thus simultaneously take advantage of every potent feature from both the sites. Using the widened audience base, businesses can now communicate and network with a larger number of similar businesses or related fields. This also enhances opportunities for cross promotion and building a huge prospective customer and loyal client base for the business. By using this powerful cross network message broadcasting opportunity, it now becomes easier establishing your professional identity online.

For example, if you are a Twitter member and have written on an interesting happening in your industry, you can now share this not only with Twitter but also with LinkedIn audience by just displaying on the LinkedIn profile your Twitter account name. Your business presence can be maintained online by sparking interesting conversations with the audience. With the help of this interesting partnership, you can send from Twitter as a status update selected tweets and enhance cross network message broadcasting.

Professionals from all over the world will find this partnership advantageous as they can take advantage of LinkedIn’s aim of disseminating effective information, even if they are professional tweeters. Anyone searching for information using location, user or keywords can find the same on either LinkedIn or Twitter. As you post messages or resumes, you can now reach a huge audience base offering endless possibilities.

As a user, in order to use Twitter/LinkedIn features to cross network broadcasting of message, it is important to show a lot of dedication. In order to keep your business visible, you have to stay updated with the latest challenges and updates. This will improve your online credibility and enhance your reputation among prospective and existing clients.

Effectively cross network as you broadcast your message to build your professional identity and enhance business opportunities using the Twitter-LinkedIn partnership.


Four reasons that are making cryptocurrency so much popular

The term “cryptocurrency” is becoming popular day by day; many people are showing interest in purchasing this digital currency. Trading of the cryptocurrency has become the common method to earn good money without any effort. Many reasons are increasing the attention of people for the cryptocurrencies such as ether and bitcoin. Bitcoin Trader can make huge money within a short period by trading because this section of investment has good growth. This growth is the most crucial reason for the interest of people.

Reasons for the popularity of cryptocurrency 

There will be fewer people who don’t know about the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and ether have become the most popular cryptocurrency, and these both have the highest market cap. There cannot be one reason that can seek the interest of people in the bitcoin investment; there are lots of reasons.

  1. People don’t like to have a long process of money-making, and when they read about bitcoin, then they find it is the thing that can make them rich easily. We all know that bitcoin has an excellent growth rate, so it is always better to buy some bitcoins. Bitcoin Trader makes huge earning by buying and selling bitcoin.
  2. When a person invests the money in business, then he/she needs to put lots of effort into making the business successful, but when a Bitcoin Trader invests the money in buying the bitcoin, there is no need to put any effort. Buy the cryptocurrency and forget for some time, gradually it will increase, and after some years it will give the results in a hike of 2 or 3 times.
  3. There is no need to worry when you are transacting the money with digital currency because it is very safe.

Any above reason may influence you, but the best thing to start buying the cryptocurrency and make the profit by selling.


How To Chase An Ambulance

I am in the advertising field. I meet a lot of people everyday and I also have lunch with a lot of different people. I once met a lawyer for lunch who told me something that was so interesting that I just had to share it. What you read below is the everyday practice of this attorney and this is what I learned in our conversation during lunch. I will not reveal his name but I will call him Edward which is in no way, even remotely close to his real name.

Edward has a morning routine. Like most of us, he eats breakfast. Edward however, does something that is not like us. He eats in his car with a police scanner. He does this in the morning because he has figured that most car accidents happen while people are en route to work. The most valuable cases he says are the ones where working professionals are injured. He can always get a big payout for a male of female in their late 40’s and early 50’s. So any lawyer, whether car accident lawyer Maryland or a business lawyer is one of the highest paying jobs in the world.

So, Edward listens to the police scanner and when he hears of an accident he drives to the location. He takes pictures of the cars before he even confronts the prospective client. He tells me that he acts like he just happened to be driving by and meets with the person who looks to be innocent of the traffic accident. He says that he usually introduces himself and then leaves only to visit them in the hospital an hour later with the photos of the wreck in his hand. That’s when he signs them up. He brings papers with him and puts them in front of them and has the injured person sign or has their spouse sign.

The general idea is that he tries to have them signed up four hours after the wreck has occurred. He explains the reason for this, if he can get the person to sign that day, he can begin making his case and emails photos of the wreck and gets the physician to tell him what the patients condition is.

When the insurance comes back with an offer, he is already prepared to send them back his offer which is way higher than their offer – always. He said that one day he got two clients in one day, one of them he chased and the other arrived while he was signing up the first one. Then, two weeks later he had taken two offers from two insurance companies that netted him over eighty-thousand dollars after collecting two big checks for his clients, not bad for two weeks work.

He explained that he used to pay a few girls fifty dollars a day to watch the records of patients coming in from traffic accidents. He would get a call and show up as soon as possible and sign his clients up but the hospital caught on and fired the girls at the desk and hired new ones with new instructions that involved not speaking with Edward.

If lawyers didn’t exist, we would have lower insurance rates. No doubt. But what would we do when we are in an accident and the only thing that would make us feel better is a few hundred thousand dollars?

Video Games

Guide On How To Add Free Video Games On Your Site

Looking for a way to boost your website’s popularity? How about hosting video games on your site. It’s a simple and free way to increase your website’s page ranking. In this article, I will discuss how you can place video games on your website.

One option, however, is to see the official website of Fatality Server. Then consider running popular games your site visitors would enjoy.

Where to Find Games –

Several websites are dedicated to providing people with free video games. The company that I use is called Crazymonkeygames. Basically, you go to their website and take a look at all the games they provide. You can place some of those games on your website, and some you have to link to. But I prefer to download and host the game on my site.

This allows me to place a text ad on the same page that the game is on. Yes, you can actually earn money from the games through online advertising. This helps you pay your web hosting bill, and allows people to play games for free on your website.

There is a wide variety of games to choose from at Crazymonkeygames. If you want to be picky about what you download then take a look at the rating that each game is given. You can just download and host the games that have a rating of three or more if you like. A higher rated game may increase the likelihood of people visiting your site because the highly rated games will be more popular. And the more popular games are more likely to attract an audience.

Legalities –

It’s true and legal to place online advertising around the video games that you have downloaded and hosted on your website(I checked with support). However, you can not charge people for playing the games. Advertising doesn’t force people to pay money, so it’s okay to use.

The website visitors can simply ignore or block the advertising, or they can click the online ad if they’re interested. But your website visitors have a choice, so it’s legal. And there are other rules that you need to follow. Click here to view the terms of use agreement.

How Many Games Should You Host –

This is totally up to you, and it will probably vary depending on what you want to get out of the games. If your website traffic is poor then you may want to download and host a few dozen or a few hundred games. Just keep in mind some of the games are fairly large when it comes to the file size.

So make sure your servers have ample storage space for these games. I mentioned earlier that these games are free, and they are. However, if your website is really high up in rank then you may have to pay a small fee for the games. This is just something to keep in mind.

Video games are an interesting and fun way to increase the number of visitors that visit your website. Just remember to follow the rules, and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Shopping and Product Reviews

Complete Product Review Of Soleil Shaver- A Great Three Blade Razor!

When I was on vacation a couple of months ago, I was given a goody bag, and in it was a Bic Soleil Shaver. I had taken my own Venus shaver with me, so have only just used it. I had run out of cartridges for it, and coudn’t be bothered to fight the crowds, this time of the year.

I opened up the packaging on this cute razer. I noticed that they normal come in 4 or 6 packs, but as this is a free sample, from the hotel, I am not complaining. The razor is disposable but is much stronger than the ‘Daisy’ ones. For 40 years I always used an electric or battery operated shaver, but got so many comments on an article I wrote, that I changed to manual ones. They would run me $40 – $60 and I never got a really clean shave.

I love that the Bic Soleil has a triple blade, so it makes the job a breeze. When I see the commercials on the television for shavers, cream, or gel, they look as if they are having a luxurious time. I think I am in the majority, saying that it is a pain to do this every couple of days. That said, I use one of my favorite shaving gels, and then hold the razor in my hand. It fits really nice, and my thumb rests, on the top right side of the handle. It also has a wonderful rubber rib on the front of the shaver, so there is no chance of me dropping it. Once I did drop a razer and it landed on my toe. It cut the top of the toe and made it bleed.

The Bic Soleil razor has a triple blade and that is why its always a epilierer testsieger, for a closer, and easier shave. It contains Aloe and Vitamin E to ensure my legs are smooth and full of moisture. I have been using it this week, and it is still sharp. With some of the really cheap brands, they go dull almost immediately. What a waste of money they are. Before it starts to feel dull, or doesn’t give me a close shave, I will be going out and purchasing some more. I was checking the Sunday pull outs, because right now Walgreen’s drug store, have a four piece Bic Soleil gift set for $9.99. Both Walgreen’s and C.V.S. drugstores have the cartridge ones, with either $4 or $5 back, but the offer is not available on disposables. I might even look into using one of those.

From the back of the package:

“Three blades and a soothing moisture strip enriched with aloe and shea butter.

Curvy handle for added control.”

I don’t have sensitive skin, but am very pleased with this sample. This is a product I will use, and am delighted with it’s performance. The blade is still sharp after 3 uses, and I figure it will probably do another week. I understand that they retail for around $5 – $6, for either the 4, or 6 pack. I do have a coupon, in the package, when I received the free sample. It is for $1 off ,and doesn’t expire.


Holidays At The Expense Of Mounting Bills

The general view of the average human being is that they are exceptionally lazy in nature. They want everything at the drop of a hat where all they have to do is sit back and issue orders to others.

The people are divided into three classes: lower class, middle class (upper middle class in extension) and finally the elite class. The first ones are extremely poor and cannot afford even basic necessities and therefore fall below the poverty line.

The next ones are those who can afford those items that fall within their budget and the final ones are the most lucky as they are born with a golden spoon and have all the comforts in the world.

The middle class, due to being in the middle of the hierarchy, is sandwiched between both and has to bear the brunt of the tax burden leveled by the government while the elite are corrupt and either pay less tax or don’t pay at all and the lower class cannot afford it.

To make ends meet, the common man struggles constantly and after accumulating a considerable amount of savings, goes off on a well deserved holiday with the family to get some respite from work.

Sadly, the credit card bills too mount up by the end of the trip and he is left with little due to constant deductions from one scheme or the other.

Luckily, here are some tips for paying off the debts:

  • Try saving more right from day one to avoid this mishap for the next holidays and in case of direct deposit, ask the bank to divide the paycheck between savings and credit account
  • Pay off the high interest rate first and spent less with other cards
  • Do visit a cvv shop to keep the cash verification value in check
  • In case you are unable to make minimum purchase, seek the advice of a counseling firm that is non profit which you can find at justice.gov

Do Trading Bots Help People To Earn Good Money?

You will have good chances of having profits, and the reason is quite simple. You will find various advantages and different disadvantages for the use of crypto trading bots like the Bitcoin Code. Multiple cryptocurrency bots are available, which makes good money. You will find every loss and profit you make. Many people find bots to be full of advantages, and various trading platforms make use of them. It is beneficial for people who want to be accustomed to the world of cryptocurrency. Different bots give proper signals. Also, it is very safe to use.

Unfortunately, Crypto Trading bots do scam

You will find various trading bots that take a considerable amount of money from investors and scams them. Many exist with the need to steal users’ funds. Many trading bots charge vast fees and make use of personal information.

Many fraudulent software are available, which charge a considerable amount of money from users.  Crypto Robot 365, is also very popular among fraudulent software. It has victimized several people and misled them and does scam in several ways.


Since many people want automated robots or chatbots, which would make money for people, with the odds increasing, various robots like figures would take the place of people. The major disadvantage of using cryptobot is that everything is programmed. You only need to give correct parameters, and it will make money for you.

Many crypto traders should not depend on bots. Bots only encourage people to make a profit with small capital. With considerable funds, more uncertainty is available, and it is hazardous. You have various cryptocurrencies to trade, but if you use a trading bot, it is always good to use a trustworthy trading bot. You should be able to work well.


Alarming Devaluation of the U.S. Dollar

The U.S. Dollar continues to sag vs. foreign currencies and many experts are beginning to feel some concern. The Euro has reached record highs against the Dollar and there don’t seem to be any signs of slow down in the near future. This week, 1 Euro bought $1.48 in U.S. currency. Six months ago 1 Euro bought only $1.29. To gain a full understanding of that $.20 difference, one needs to realize that this is a 15% increase. Imagine how you might react to 15% inflation over 6 months? That would mean a $30, 000 car would be marked up another $4,500. Car dealers from Miami to LA would rejoice. Similarly, the value of the Dollar has dropped 8.4% against the already struggling Japanese Yen, and 6.7% against the British Pound.

Why is this important?

Here in America, this increase in the value of the Euro and decrease in value of the U.S. Dollar has no direct effect on our everyday purchases (there are, however, indirect effects). Nevertheless, when U.S. citizens go overseas to Europe or Japan, this is the type of sticker shock they experience. More importantly, when U.S. businesses purchase from these countries, a practice quite common in our import-heavy economy, they also experience this sharp difference in prices. It’s comparable to severe inflation, and increases the cost to produce goods; inevitably leading to some of that cost being passed down to consumers.

Even more importantly, and on a wider scale, sharp devaluations in the Dollar make the U.S. currency unattractive as medium for holding cash reserves. This is something of great importance to for foreign businesses and governments. This also mean reduced investment in U.S. markets from foreign entities and even further devaluation of the U.S. Dollar with more inflation to make up for the Dollars inability to hold value. The cycle continues until something changes. As we all know that there are several money lenders available in the market but the best licensed money lender in Singapore are popular because they charge  fewer amount of interest over the allotted money for the convenience for the borrower.

What has caused this?

Many analysts believe the recent credit crunch in the lending market has taken a severe toll on the U.S. economy. Additionally, the housing market nearly stalled this year, and crude oil prices are about to crest the $100 per barrel mark. Not to mention the fact that the U.S. stock market has been more volatile than Coke and Mentos. The Dow Jones industrial Average seems to think nothing of falling 200 points one day and gaining 150 back on the next. Just last week, The Chinese government, the worlds largest holder of cash reserves, indicated that it would be holding more of its cash in Euros instead of U.S. Dollars-this, despite the fact that the U.S. Dollar has been the “go-to” currency for cash reserves for many years. Any one or even all of these factors are contributing to the economic slowdown and devaluation of the U.S. Dollar.

What can be done?

There are several courses of action that can be taken. A decrease in dependence on imports, (especially oil) would do the trick. Of course, it wouldn’t do anymore good than damage unless we can produce the goods cheaper at home. The single most effective action that could turn this around would be to raise interest rates. A gradual hiking of interest rates would increase the cost to borrow while increasing the advantages of saving and investing. This would curb inflation, while better empowering U.S. consumers and attracting foreign investors at the same time. All of which leads to a boost in the purchasing power of the U.S. Dollar. Right now, the Fed Fund Rate stands at 4.25%. Early indicators seem to suggest the Fed has no intentions of raising the rate on December 13th. However, if trends continue as they are, there may be a rate hike in the near future.


A Bose Surround Sound System, The Ultimate Listening Experience

With new bose surround speakers you get cinema-like sound quality at your home. Priced at 28,240.00 rupees, you can get one of the best speakers in the market. These small speakers are full of sound and add to your cinematic experience and are loaded with bose cinemate. With these installed you can experience explosions and car chases in a completely different way. You can enjoy acoustic music and guitar solos along with sweeping verses as you get them. These surround speakers are designed in such a way that they work seamlessly with bose soundbar 700 or bose soundbar 500. These rear speakers with their high-quality sound can make your Tv, sports or movie experience more enjoyable and memorable.

As you add these speakers to your soundbar you get a complete movie theater experience that is quite awesome. If you are wondering that these speakers would be quite difficult to install then you are wrong. What makes them more interesting and useful is their easy installation. You get two wireless receivers along with the speakers making it much easier for you to manage and control the speakers. Once you are done with the installation you can enjoy the sound of these marvels at the touch of a button.

If you want to complete your setup of bose soundbars then these speakers would be your best option. You get compact and powerful speakers that work seamlessly with your soundbar to give you the best surround sound. There are several other accessories that you can buy in order to make the installation process much easier. You can even mount these speakers onto your wall with the help of these tools. Lastly, for a premium experience, it is recommended that you install these speakers opposite to your main listening area.


Bitcoin Vs Traditional Investment: Which Is Beneficial?

Investors always look for better and profitable investment options. Initially people didn’t think of investing in Bitcoin because of the price. Gradually when Bitcoin started taking control of the financial market, investors started growing interest in it. Some years back as well, the price of Bitcoin dropped, but it rose again. If you consider the Bitcoin profit with the traditional investment profit, now, in the present market Bitcoin is much ahead of the traditional investment options. Here we will discuss how these two contradicts in terms of profit margin.

Liquid Asset

Liquid asset always holds much importance than the others. Bitcoin, presently is recognised as one of the most popular liquid asset that attracts investors automatically. The universal establishment of Bitcoin exchanges, brokers and trading platforms it has achieved the place of the most liquid asset. This makes it instantly transferable and thus most popular. The ease of transaction without any third party involvement is where Bitcoin differs from the traditional investment options.

High Demand

Often investors question on Bitcoin’s value and market demand. This is the reason o their hesitation as well. However, unlike the conventional investment plans, Bitcoin can ensure high market value for some years at least. Unless there is some technological disasters, the value of Bitcoin will undoubtedly not fall, if not increased.

Minimum Trading

Stock market is one of the popular modes of conventional investment where you need to hold a license to prove your identity and trading record. For processing this, the investors must visit a broker. The settlement is a lot time-consuming. On the other hand, the investors can directly purchase Bitcoin and store them in their wallets. With a minimum KYC regulations the process can be performed and within the least time span.

So, what’s your call? Would you like to invest in the conventional market or go for Bitcoin investment? Share your thoughts with us.