December 2019


Starcraft 2 Strategies and Tips

Today I will be discussing a few tips concerning Starcraft 2 online play; strategies for the races and some game play dynamics in general. These are just a few things that I have noticed while playing and thought that it would make sense to point them out, especially to help out some of the newer players out there. So, here we go…

In an online match, the player that has more control over the game will ultimately be the winner. If you could be in constant communication and relay your exact orders to each and every unit every single moment of the game, you would be unstoppable! While it is certainly a nice thought to entertain, it is unfortunately impossible. The theory still holds true though and the easiest way for us to be in control, is to know what is going on in the game. There are several tips and strategies for Starcraft 2 that you can learn about on You get the surefire ways to win the game as well.

Knowledge is power, and obtaining knowledge will help us in defeating the enemy. No matter with which race you play, be it Zerg, Protoss or Terran, it is crucial that you start scouting as soon as possible. Scouting is a form of information gathering and the more information we have, the better we can equip ourselves against the enemy.

One of the things that most new players take for granted is the mini map. Since we can’t see or be everywhere on the map at once, the best and fastest way of seeing what’s going on is through the mini map. It provides you with a quick overview of your base as well as friendly and enemy unit locations. Do not underestimate the value of your mini map. With good recon, you can know what’s happening on most of the map. Professional players have already learned the importance of this tool, so use it wisely.

Another mistake for beginner players is that they build up a huge army consisting of just a single type of unit. While this doesn’t happen often it is still good to know why this is a very bad strategy idea. See, each unit in Starcraft 2 has a counter unit, a unit that is very effective against your unit. So if you amass an army using only a single type of unit, it will be a piece of cake for your opponent to defend. He will then just build counter units. This is why the most effective attacking strategies have armies that consist of combinations of units, with additional units to counter the counter units. This is why it is so important to learn which units counter which…

These are just a few tips to remember when playing Starcraft 2. You will really have to know your stuff if you wish to climb that ranking ladder. It only gets more difficult as each of the races has their own strengths and weaknesses, their own style of play and their own strategies. Don’t give up and good luck!


Order of Winning Poker Hands

From Texas Hold ‘Em to Seven Card Draw to Five Card Stud, no matter what kind of poker you are playing the order of winning hands does not change. Here is a guide to the basics of playing poker and the card hands that will help you win whether online like situs judi online terpercaya or in an actual game setting.

Royal Flush: A royal flush is exactly what it sounds like. It consists of all royal cards (i.e. jack, king, queen ace) and the ten card of the same suit. So it can be any suit (diamonds, spades, clubs or hearts) and runs from 10 to Ace. Refer to Diagram 1.

Straight Flush: Like the royal flush, the straight flush is all the same suit but it can be any run of five cards. For example, you can have 2-6 of hearts or 5-9 of spades. As long as it is the same suit and it has a run of five consecutive cards. Refer to Diagram 1.

Four of a Kind: This hand is pretty self-explanatory but it is hard to get. It is the same card in all four suits. It can be anything from 2-Ace. Refer to Diagram 2.

Full House: This hand consists of a three of a kind and a pair. It can be any card as long as it’s three of one kind and a pair of another kind. Refer to Diagram 3.

lush: A flush is always going to be the same suit, whether it’s a straight flush, a royal flush or a plain flush. A flush is any five face value in the same suit. You can have 2, 7, 10, Jack and Ace in diamonds in a flush. The cards do not have to be consecutive. Refer to Diagram 1.

Straight: A straight is like the straight flush. It has to be five consecutive cards but unlike the straight flush, the cards do not have to be the same suit. It can have all four suits as long as the cards are consecutive. Refer to Diagram 4.

Three of a Kind: Up till now, the card hands have used all five cards but in three of a kind you will have two extra cards that have little to do with the hand. A three of a kind is just that, three of the same face value but not of the same suit. Refer to Diagram 2.

Two Pairs: Once again, this card hand is pretty self-explanatory. It uses four of the cards in your hand and consists of two different pairs. Refer to Diagram 5.

Pair: A pair only uses two of the cards in your hand and has two cards with the same value but different suit. Refer to Diagram 2.

High Card: This hand is what you use in a round if no one gets any of the other hands. It’s simple, the person with the highest card wins. The suit does not matter in this hand.

Now while these are the hands in any poker game, some poker games use wild cards such as jokers or they use one of the cards in a regular deck. If that’s the case, then just follow the wild card rules of that particular game and the poker hands listed above will still work for you. Enjoy!


Bioshock 2: Welcome (Back) To Rapture

You are a half-ton, hulking monster with one thing on your mind: protecting the grotesque little girl who looks on as a demented woman commands you put a bullet in your own head. These are the opening moments of 2K Marin’s game, BioShock 2. The game takes place roughly 8 years after the original game, and surprisingly, things in Rapture have only become worse. With a new arsenal at your disposal, the player takes control of the very first Big Daddy, known as Subject Delta. Essentially, you have become a Big Daddy. But before you eagerly use your new drill to decimate anything in your path, there is one thing you should be aware of: you’re still vulnerable – very, very vulnerable.

In fact, you’ll often forget you’re playing as a Big Daddy. It doesn’t take much to make our newfound hero hit the floor, and you’ll probably find yourself using health packs a dozen times per level. With that said, 2K has made sure you’re well-armed. The plasmids make a return, as well as a typical Big Daddy drill. Duel-weilding has been added, and after a few minutes of getting used to the new feature, you’ll wonder why it was excluded from the original game. All of your favorite plasmids make a return, as well as some new ones that will surely bring out the masochist in you.

After all, who wouldn’t want to send a hive of bees shooting from your hands, all while rushing your opponent drill first?! Big Daddies and Splicers aren’t the only ones looking to take you out, this go around. If you’ve payed attention to any of the game’s trailers, you already know about the newest enemy: the Big Sister. These pesky creatures are extremely agile, and tend to show up at the worst time possible. While the Big Sisters appear far less frequently than Big Daddies, you’ll find yourself encountering several of them throughout the game. With these exciting and thrilling elements of the game, it is important that you wear your gamer tshirt and set your serious gamer mode on. And each time you’ll probably find yourself hating them. While certainly not invulnerable, the Big Sisters take a liking to sneaking up on you (although their screech does alert you), jumping on walls, smacking you around, and sending you to the nearest Vita Chamber.

But what really sets this game apart from any other action adventure game is the incredible story. As previously noted, the Ayn Rand inspired Rapture is just as hellish as it previously was. 2K manages to create a quiet, disturbing atmosphere and make it last throughout the game’s entire 10 hour campaign. The story takes a central focus on your character, Subject Delta, as he embarks on a quest to track down his beloved “little sister”, Eleanor. However, a new foe, particularly an elderly woman named Sophia Lamb, looks to stop Delta from ever reaching Eleanor. Fortunately for you, Eleanor is able to communicate with Delta thanks to a genetic “bond” of sorts. As the plot progresses, players will find themselves immersed as numerous plot twists leave their heads spinning.

There are certainly some similarities in the plots of the two BioShock games: particularly in the game’s antagonists. One can’t help but draw comparisons between Sophia Lamb and Andrew Ryan. Also noteworthy is the return of the game’s moral choices. These come in interactions with creepy, disfigured little girls known as Little Sisters. Throughout the game, the player will encounter numerous Little Sisters. After engaging in battle with their Big Daddy protectors, players are given 2 options: save the little girl, or harvest the slimey sea slug her in an attempt to gain more ADAM. Ultimately, these choices pave the way for how the story evolves around your character, as well as how other characters interact with you.

Also note worth is the 2K’s inclusion of a brand new multiplayer function. The multiplayer aspect acts as a prequel to both games, and is certainly an interesting endeavor to say the least. One can’t help but applaud 2K Marin’s efforts to bring players into the game’s world before everything went horribly wrong. With that said, the multiplayer is bogged down by several issues. The biggest issue I found with the multiplayer was the horrible combat system. Simply put, it just feels clunky and awkward. There is, however, a leveling system similar to what gamers have been seeing for years now in the Call of Duty series. Unfortunately, that’s where the similarities with Call of Duty’s robust multiplayer end. Leveling up becomes way too easy, and I never really felt any stronger after leveling up.

In conclusion, 2K has done a marvelous job on BioShock 2, and it easily lives up to the extremely high-standards gamers have after playing the first game. While the multiplayer certainly brings the game down, the game’s fairly lengthy campaign is strong enough that it will leave players coming back time after time. Overall, an incredible atmosphere, crystal clear audio and graphics, and robust gameplay warrant BioShock 2 a worthy companion to its predecessor.

Arts and Entertainment

Tattoos: Bring Out The Style Icon In You

In this new age, who doesn’t want to look good. Be it in size, shape or structure, the younger generation are more obsessed with their looks than ever and are so health conscious that they don’t think twice before avoiding or completely abandoning the kind of food that is considered unhealthy that is normally called junk food.

Even the older generation folks of today have adapted to the fashion world seamlessly by following in the footsteps of their offspring and are enjoying every bit of it.

They have finally started to realize that it is important to move on and adapt yourself to the change of times otherwise you will be left far behind in the rat race as that is what it has become: keep going without stopping or you will be crushed.

The tattoos are today considered the final step to the peak of fashion statement today. Now, there was a time when you would buy a chewing gum and get a tattoo free of your favorite comic book character and would happily apply it on the hand until it wore off.

But today, you have to go under the knife for the simplest of procedures as the tattoo is not inked but engraved into your chosen body part and becomes a fixture and part of your body with glitter tattoo Singapore being the best of all.

Here some important points are listed out on expressing your feelings with tattoos:

  • It proves that you have upgraded yourself to cater to the current times and by engraving a tattoo of loved ones will make you forget the psychological scars of your past.
  • They are valuable assets for introverted people as they reflect your personality and others who feel similar will relate to it and start talking to you.
  • It reflects on memories, both good and bad, by reminding us of our true personality.

Computers and Technology

How to Use Instagram to Ramp Up Your Sales

There are many people out there who have heard about Instagram. But there is a bigger question. How can this photo-sharing platform be used in the realm of social media marketing? As you buy Instagram videos views your products and posts get a significant boost. You get real views and comments that will help you in promoting your content on Instagram.

I put together the top 5 points that small businesses and non-profits could institute Instagram into their daily, weekly or monthly social media marketing efforts.

1: Instagram Isn’t Everything
When creating a social media marketing plan for you, your small business or non-profit, you must first have to realize that simply using one social media platform is not going to cut it. Instagram is great, but if you rely on it to fulfill all of your social media marketing needs than you are going to fall short and very fast.

2: It Takes A Village
No one is going to care much to read your comments if you simply comment on your own photos. You have to let people know that you are active and that you are out there. A great way to make this happen is to seek out photos that interest you and leave a descriptive comment, maybe one which leads them back to you.

Another idea is to create games or an activity using social media which keeps your potential or past clients interested in coming back to your twitter or facebook page.

3: Don’t Be Afraid To Let Your Hair Down
You want to make sure that you create a personal touch when using Instagram, making sure to connect with your client or customer. For example, you may not only want to show your chief executive officer address your agency’s board, but you may also want to catch a candid shot of them eating lunch with other coworkers.

4: The More the Merrier
You already know that if your employees are not behind your product than you have already lost the battle. Why not capitalize on this phenomenon and use your employees to help sell your product using their own social media realm of influence. Encouraging them to “like’ or “follow” your page is a great start. But if you really want to get the most bang for your buck you should to encourage them to submit their own photos and commentary about the service or product.

5: If You Create It, They Will Come.
You know that the craze is to comment, using hashtags so that your comments are involved. Have you ever thought about creating your own hashtag to get the ball rolling?

The following are a few reasons why it may not be a bad idea:

People can find you and your product when they want    You can promote your brand and promote your hashtag at the same time.    Yet another way to measure your influence.

6: There is Value in the Word Play
Encourage your customers and staff to take photos with their cell phones (if they have the capability. In larger agencies, you may want to develop some sort of policy along with an incentive program.    Make sure you spice them up with editing    Don’t be afraid to show your agency’s true colors

Life Style

Vintage Handbags: The Most Desirable Vintage Brands

A newly minted status handbag says “I am cool.” A vintage handbag says “I have taste.” A number of stars own vintage handbags–both for their distinctive looks and their high quality. And while some designs, such as the famed Kelly bag, can set you back thousands of dollars at auction, many excellent ones can be found for less than $50 at online auctions or secondhand stores. Here’s how to get a handle on which are worth the investment.To Learn more about Luxurytastic you can click here. You get product reviews and discount codes as well.


The famous word of career advice given to Benjamin Braddock in 1967’s The Graduate–“plastics”–was heeded by handbag designer Will Hardy two decades earlier. Hardy saw the possibilities of plastic from the start, and he used it to create gorgeous works of functional art, awash with glitter and embedded with real leaves and butterflies. Each bag was produced by hand, which necessarily kept retail prices high–from about $20 to $75 in the fifties. At the end of the decade, when cheaper, mass-produced versions flooded the market, the demand for Wilardy’s quality dried up, and the company went out of business. Of Wilardy’s Lucite bags, red is the rarest color and thus the most desirable–one recently sold for $1,800. A good example in clear Lucite can sell for a mere $200.


From the French for “coquettish air,” the term minaudiere was rumored to have been coined by jeweler Alfred Van Cleef: His partner, Charles Arpels, designed the first Minaudiere after he observed Florence Gould, the wealthy wife of a railroad baron, using a Lucky Strike tin as a small clutch. Van Cleef  amp; Arpels went on to create thousands of ingenious Minaudieres–hard-cased evening clutches with interior compartments to hold the essentials a woman needed. Originally handcrafted in precious metals such as gold or silver and often covered with jewels, the bags have since been made of everything from Bakelite to ivory. Prices range from less than $100 at flea markets to $400 or so for a classic example, to $1,500 or more for jeweled styles from famed Minaudiere-maker Judith Leiber.

Whiting  amp; Davis

Founded in 1876, the Whiting  amp; Davis company is one of the country’s oldest handbag manufacturers, turning out everything from Victorian vanity bags to dazzling eighties nightclub purses. The firm’s metier? Mesh, in materials as humble as pot metal and as grand as gold. The bags were hand-crafted, often by women working out of their homes, until A.C. Pratt invented a mesh-making machine in 1909 that revolutionized production–and undoubtedly ensured the company’s survival.

In addition to creating purses, Whiting  amp; Davis manufactured mesh for industrial gloves, aprons and diving suits as well as for such adornments as cuffs, necklaces and other accessories. The company was even commissioned to weave its metal for use by other designers, including Elsa Peretti, who has used it in her famous jewelry line for Tiffany  amp; Co. Still, the company is best known for its beautiful handbags. The real rage for dainty mesh bags occurred at the turn of the century and lasted well into the flapper era, and it is from that period that some of the most coveted Whiting  amp; Davis bags date. Rare pieces from those decades range from $550 to $800; more recent styles can still be found for less than $200.

Health and Fitness

Valuable Tips To Get And Enjoy Goodnight Sleep

Sleep is essential for our physical and mental health, but more important is sleep properly to feel rested upon waking.

However, sleep is not related only to the number of hours of sleep but has greater influence quality hours of rest and good sleep.

There are people who need about six hours of sleep to feel rested, while others require eight or more hours to achieve the same results.

Specialists in this area speak of “sleep hygiene” which refers to a harmonization that should exist relating to each person with the environment and with itself, always referring to the moments before going to sleep with the primary objective of have a dream that maintains optimum good health and well being.

Within this concept are included both the conditions and attitudes that are necessary to enable a good break coming to a dream which also complies with the basic principles of time, times and good sleep satisfaction.

Some people suffer from sleep disorders that prevent them from getting a good night’s sleep and not sleep properly at night the consequences will be for the day. Some people also have sleeping difficulties because of taking medications that increases awakeness. This is common for people who buy Modafinil in Canada, for instance, since such drug helps reduce sleepiness.

Among the most common problems that can be found:

Insomnia, which relates to the difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep.    Sleep apnea, which is characterized by cessation of breathing during sleep produced.    Restless leg syndrome is a tingling sensation in the legs.

Narcolepsy, for example irresistible trend excessive sleepiness, among others.  The results in poor sleep inadequately rest and this can lead to suffering certain diseases such as metabolic syndrome or type 2 diabetes called and abnormalities of euro-endocrine that stands between poly cystic ovary and also menstrual irregularities or periods of high stress.

When a person is going through a period where adequate sleep has become a recurring problem you should consult your doctor, especially because when a person does not sleep or sleep hours needed off day after day can develop diseases such as panic attacks , depression, attention deficit disorder and chronic fatigue boxes, taking greater chances of accidents due to daytime sleepiness precisely one of the first problems encountered by the lack of adequate sleep.

Besides medical consultation there are some things to do to get a good sleep, such as

Do not eat two hours before bedtime    Avoid television programs, readings or any situation that can be stressful.    Avoid drinking beverages that can irritate the stomach, caffeine, chocolate or heavy seasonings and especially alcoholic beverages    Adapt the bedroom so that only fulfills the function of being the place where the intimacy that is only used for sleeping, not transforming it into a place of work or any other activity.    Make something relaxing before bed like reading something that is pleasant or listen to some soothing music.


Making Money Online With Moola: Fun Games And A Little Money On The Side

I stumbled upon Moola by accident. On my quest to make money online, I was looking at some forums. One of them suggested a site were you get paid to play video games. I love making money online and I love video games so this sounded perfect. For more such game where you can even earn some money you can check out Situs Judi Bola Online. You get several card games that you can enjoy and you can even earn money if you win these games.

Moola is a pretty cool site. Moola starts you of with 1 cent. The goal is to bet that one cent on one of their games and double up enough to make serious cash. This is easier said than done and I have not won more than 5 consecutive games in a row.

The games are really fun though. As of the date this article is published there are 3 games. They are “Gold Rush”, “Hi-Lo”, and “Ro-Sham-Bo-Fu”. Gold Rush is a game with 6 rounds in which you have 6 nuggets. The goal is to get your nuggets to outweigh the opponents nuggets and win that round. Once you win a round, that score goes to your final total. The person with the most points at the end wins. Sounds a little complicated but it is really easy. The only problem I have with this game is that it ends in a tie too often. “Hi-Lo” is easy enough. You try and guess if the next card is going to be higher or lower than the last card. The strategy come in when you have to decided when to lock down. This is my favorite game on the site. “Ro-Sham-Bo-Fu” is your standard rock-paper-scissors with a twist. Each round you are offered a bonus if you don’t use the selected motion. The game is the most strategic of all the games and requires a lot of thinking.

Before you can play any of these games you have to watch an advertisement and answer a question about it. I hate looking at advertisements but they do have to make that penny somehow. It’s kind of clever really. You will definitely have to remember the commercial.

There are a number of other ways to make money on Moola. The one I like the most is the Search and Win category. You simply use their search engine and once a day you get a bonus booster. A bonus booster wheel is like a Wheel of Fortune wheel with a bunch of cent values on it. They have a few big ones on it but I doubt anyone will ever get it. The search engine is kind of cool too. It previews all of the sites on a sidebar before you view them. Another way to make money is going to the Booster Zone. Once there you will find a Booster Shopping Mall and a Cash Back section. This is a kind of CashCrate-esque section of the site where you make money filling out offers. I personally only like free offers because I don’t have a credit card and it all seems a bit sketchy. But for those of you who love filling out offers this portion of the site is great!

The referral section is the most unique of its kind. No one can simply go to Moola and sign up for an account. A person has to be referred to use the site. Each member is given a few referrals at a time to give away. The referral section is based on a 4 tier system. The way you make money on referrals is by people filling out offers or cashing out. Cashing out is hard to do if you only play the games so if you are looking to make money you have to either do some of the offers, refer a lot of people, or get really REALLY lucky.

Overall, I really like Moola. You probably won’t make a lot of money online but you WILL have fun. If you need a referral either go to the Moola Invites Forum or go to my Content Producer website. I have a few referrals if you want to be a part of this growing and fun community.


Handy Gaming Tips To Fully Enjoy Gears Of War 5 Today

Kait is back in Gears of War 5 and the world is facing a new chaos once again! If you’ve enjoyed the previous installment of the game, you’d surely have a great time with this version too. Just visit Worlds Factory for more details, and learn the vital gaming tips for playing Gears 5.

What you should Keep in Mind while Playing Gears of War 5

  1. Start by checking a recap of the Gears of War 4. This fifth installment of the game features a direct sequel to its predecessor, so it’s wise to keep fresh info as you begin. For example, Gears of War 5 still circles around Kait Diaz and her friends. Also, the new threat, the Swarm, directly began from where the Locust have left.
  2. Gears 5 comes with four different difficulty modes. Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced and Insane. Choose one appropriate to your skills in playing Gears of War. On a side note, difficulty levels apply for individual players, so two players can play simultaneously while on different levels.
  3. Jack is a hovering robot and is a new third playable character in Gears 5. But you can use him as a support tool to face different challenges in the game.For example, he comes with excellent combat abilities and weaponries, useful in retrieving weapons, and access spots normal characters can’t reach. Be sure, however, to give him enough upgrades because the game would end once he’s dead.
  4. Explore the game to see its new open-worlds, new enemies and new skills. For example, Gears 5 comes with Wardens, which are new and fatal enemies. Also, note to utilize the Stealth skill so enemies won’t notice you easily.

Gears of War never fails to bring huge excitement to gamers. With its fifth installment, a lot of new stuff are waiting for you. Just keep the notes above as a guide, or check out Worlds Factory today.


Official Nintendo DS XL Travel Case: Available Online or at Electronics Stores

If you have a Nintendo DS XL, you realize the improvements over the original model. The screen size, quality of materials, and sound levels have all been greatly enhanced. It is certainly a lot bigger than the first DS, with its two rather large double screen capabilities, and requires a different carrying case. For a week I researched numerous cases, and you can purchase either a Nintendo manufactured one, or get an “after market product.” A lot of times the after market models are cheaper, and offer the same options that the one from the parent company has. After looking at the “pro’s and cons” of each model, I decided to purchase the Nintendo XL507 travel case. At $14.99 its moderately priced, and has a number of features that make it useful. A similar version of Bandarqq can also be found on this platform.

While its obvious that the XL can take a lot more abuse, than the original model, you don’t want to drop it. You don’t want to take it on road trips or traveling without having it protected by a carrying case. The Nintendo XL507 shines in its ability to offer protection from bumps and movement, as this case has a lot more padding than any comparable one. In addition to the padding, which is quite extensive, there’s a molded plastic cradle where you DS XL locks into place. While it can be a bit difficult to get out, this guarantees that your video game console will stay in place no matter what, further reducing the likelihood that it will damaged from impacts that are easily achieved while transporting. The clear plastic is strong, and will not bend at all.

The zipper handle says Nintendo DS, and you can create a tight seal with it. The teeth are of high quality, so it will be able to be opened and closed hundreds if not thousands of times. There’s also a zipper on the back compartment, which is a small area that allows you to store games, but there’s not a lot of room back there. That is a minor disappointment, because this pocket will not allow you to fit the AC plug in there. That has to go on top of the DS in the main compartment, and it barely fits. Thankfully, the small back pocket allows you to fit five to seven games with ease, and perhaps an extra small stylus or two. A large stylus will slide right into a holder in the main compartment.

The quality of materials is above average, and I like the canvas used on all sides of this container. You can select different colors, so as to match the color of your DS XL unit, or just have one that you particularly like. This storage device does come with a caribiner, that’s of cheap quality, so be careful if you want to attach this to a belt loop. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are sitting in a prone position for awhile, because it is made with cheap plastic rather than metal. Its also not that strong in its grip either, so don’t consider it an option for long term transport if walking or biking around. The black color is painted with low grade materials as well, and shows scraping marks from just regular use.

This is a good product though, and aside from that, I’d fully recommend it. It will easily fit in a small backpack or luggage if flying, and is a fine way to keep your favorite electronics toy besides you at all times. You can find this carrying case at brick and mortar stores or on line, and it is an officially licensed Nintendo product. Its been useful in my day to day travels, and I like how it looks as well. This case is user friendly, and is a great way to make sure that your expensive toy doesn’t suffer from any damage while using it on road trips or on a plane. After careful consideration, I can say that while it isn’t perfect, its the best carrying case yet for the DS XL.