December 2019


Innovation In The Technology Stack Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has grown and developed a lot over the past decade or so. Furthermore, the current innovations and implementations of technology has only added to the quality and reliability of the cryptocurrency. Moreover, there are several thousands of developers who work on Bitcoin day and night to improve and even revamp its underlying codes.

However, Bitcoin is something which requires a lot of creativity and patience. This is also because it is more than just a currency or technology. It is an entire monetary system, which is supported by the developing technology. Also, the new innovations in Bitcoin’s technology stack are also helping in the over-all development of this currency.

Bitcoin works mostly on its layer 2 technology. It is also known as the Lightning Network. It is the metric which evaluates the rate of user adoption. The Lightning Network is one that has very straightforward and clear properties of privacy. Moreover, it does not rely on a kind of global validation of state changes. So, users are able to carry on their transactions more privately, using additional techniques and network overlays, such as Tor.

Then there are smart contracts, which are functionalities that help to conduct Bitcoin transactions in a safe and responsible manner. This is very important especially because many original Bitcoin operations were removed from the protocol in 2010. Furthermore, the smart contracts can not only minimise any sort of unpredictability, but also offer a wide range of functionalities. It also helps people to make due use of the Bitcoin Rush trading robot.

Other than that, Bitcoin mining has also helped with the issue of centralisation in the currency. Regardless, Bitcoin is constantly evolving, with its entire suite of protocols.

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How Can These Tips Help You To Make Use Of VPN Services Effectively?

Are you looking to set up a VPN service to bypass online blocks, safely browse the web, or watch the restricted content? Well, many VPN services are now easy to setup. But, if you want to take more benefits from the services, then you have to do more than that. A virtual private network is a reliable and powerful tool that helps to provide a stable and secure connection.

Therefore, it becomes essential for you to understand how you can get most of the services provided by the server. If you are looking to know how you can make use of VPN services effectively, then this guide is for you. Here, we will talk about the tips that will help you in doing the task.

  • Try to setup VPN in every location

The most common mistake that every consumer makes is to install the VPN in the selected location. It means they are making VPN less effective as they can only be able to use it in the browser. Therefore, you must install the setup on the router to ensure that every device connected with it receives full benefits from the services.

  • Enable the Kill switch feature

Nowadays, many VPN services are providing the kill switch feature, and if there is one available on the setup, then you must turn it on. The reason is that the VPN will automatically disconnect when the connection is about to drop. It means your connection will be secured from the online data breach. That is only possible if you choose the best one and it is recommended to check the latest Torguard Coupons to avail discounts.

To summarize, we hope that these two ways will help you to get the most from the VPN service. You have to do the test to know whether you are anonymous or not.


Knife Wielding in the Home Kitchen for cooking different recipes

Being left-handed is probably the only thing I would have in common with a famous chef like Paul Prudhomme or Gordon Brown. However, through the years of my professional cooking career I have noticed that a very large number of professional cooks are southpaws. Left-handed cooks must make adjustments and be patient with their right-handed counterparts. It’s a right-handed world, especially in the kitchen.

For everyone, right- or left-handed, keeping a favorite knife sharp is fundamental to its ease of use and safe use. Therefore, it is important for a left-handed cook be the only one using that preferred knife. A right-handed person’s use of a lefty’s knife dulls the blade. This goes for potato peelers, too. Once a right-handed person uses a potato peeler, it’s ruined for a lefty, in my opinion. The thing is, right-handed people don’t seem to care about this sensitive issue, and so it is necessary to have a knife sharpener nearby (and hide your potato peeler) if you happen to be left-handed. This whole issue works in reverse if you’re a right-handed cook dealing with the occasional southpaw in your kitchen territory.

My hands are small, so I have to make adjustments when using knives. My preferred knife, as shown in the photos above, is a French knife. This knife has a six-inch blade and is actually called a French vegetable knife. The photo demonstrates how to hold a knife if you have small hands. I grip the knife as far up the handle toward the blade as I can. My thumb is actually against the knife blade. This gives improved stability. Holding it with the hand back further causes it to wobble when cutting and makes the user have to grip it with a tighter hold.

Because of my hand size I also have difficulty using a sharpening steel. Someone stronger and bigger can hold the steel rod steady in mid air while swiping a knife blade back and forth across it. Poking the steel against something, which allows me to hold it firmly at about a 45° angle, makes it possible for me to sharpen my knives this way. Generally, an inexpensive handheld sharpener works great, though. Just swipe a knife across it three or four times. It will feel a little rough on the first swipe and then it will glide smoother as it gets sharp. A knife that is used a lot should be sharpened frequently. So keep your sharpener close at hand.

Another way to dull a knife blade is to use it as a scraper. For instance, most cooks use the blade to scrape cut onions together as they are transferred to a cooking pan. The second photo above shows a technique that saves the knife blade. Without moving your grip on the knife, simply rotate blade inward as far as you comfortably can until the unsharpened edge of the knife is against your cutting surface. I do move my thumb a little as shown because I hold the knife close to the blade. Anyway, it instantly becomes a scraper, saves the blade and sets you a notch above amateur cooks. I have never heard of anyone cutting themselves doing this.

In the first photo, I have the blade tip down against the cutting surface. This is “old school,” but the blade tip actually should stay still while the back of the knife does the cutting. It’s as though the knife blade is half of a pair of scissors moving up and down. Wildly chopping, while looking away, is showing off and is crazy and dangerous. The blade tip should not move up and down when using this type of knife.

Serrated knives work best when cutting bread of all sorts and tomatoes. This type of blade will tear and bruise many things so it should not be used for everything. The worst cuts I have seen have been from serrated knives. Be very careful when using one. The chopped vegetables can be cooked in the best pressure cooker 2020. The chopping of the vegetables should be nice

If you need to slice prime rib, a long slender blade is best if it is wider than the meat you’re cutting. I prefer a straight blade for this. Some other cooks like a very long curved blade that looks like one Sinbad the Sailor might wield. The longer blade aids the cutter’s control for nice looking uniform slices.

Paring knives are versatile. They are great for small jobs like removing a tomato stem or a cabbage core. A French knife in this instance is overkill and a serrated knife could be lethal. I, of course, use a paring knife to peel potatoes as my potato peelers are always useless (!).

The best thing about knives these days is that even the inexpensive ones are of fairly good quality. It is, therefore, not necessary to spend a lot of money to own decent knives. Just keep them sharp for safe cutting.

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Top 2 important things to consider while choosing a VPN service provider!!!

In order to browse the internet without compromising the essential data, then VPN would be a reliable option for you. If you are using the best VPN service, then you will able to browse the internet by making the use of different types of VPN addresses. Finding the best VPN service can be a difficult task for a person because you need to invest proper time in the research.

More than 300 VPN providers are available in the market, but you should always opt for the best one. All you need to figure out the requirements and consider the best service provider. If possible, then you should always consider VPN with a reliable connection and unlimited bandwidth as well. Before choosing a VPN, one must check the features carefully. Here I have recapitulated vital things that a person must take into account before choosing a VPN service provider.

  • Consider the qualities of VPN

To watch geographically blocked content, then VPN would be a reliable option for you. If you are buying a VPN from TorGuard, then you should visit the official website of the company and Grab 50% TorGuard promo code.  Make sure that you are opting for a VPN service that will able to offer secure and private encryption. Moreover, the user should check the security protocol of the service carefully. Lots of companies are out there that are providing the kill-switch feature in the VPN.

  • User-friendly interface

If you aren’t tech-savvy, then you must always opt for a genuine company that will able to offer the VPN with a user friendly interface.

Moving Further, one should always opt for the paid VPN service that can be reliable for you.  A lot of companies are out there that are providing the VPN with unlimited bandwidth.


6 Tips To Help You Buy The Right Equipment For Your Business

In this competitive world, it is really important that we choose our business strategy properly and implement it properly as well. Equipment is really an important part of scaling any business. With their help productivity can be increased and you can get ahead of your competitors as well. With ConsumerEpic you get detailed reviews and recommendations of such equipment as well. Let’s take a look at some of the most important tips that you should consider before you invest in any piece of equipment.

  • Make sure you have an objective as you plan an investment. You should make sure that you get a necessary and useful upgrade for your equipment that can help you with productivity and in staying ahead of the market.
  • If you are not sure about anything you can just consult a professional that will help you manage the budget as well as recommend you all the necessary details about your required equipment.
  • You can be innovative with this process as well. You can get creative solutions to your drawbacks. This is a really good way for you to save some money as well as boost your employees’ morale.
  • Before you make any big investment you should look at the overall need and cost of the whole process. You should consider the short-term and long-term effects of your investment and make sure that you get to benefit from what you are doing and how the whole process is going to affect your company is a positive or negative way.
  • Before you buy anything make sure that shop around for a better deal. You can look up stuff online or visit the local market so that you can get the best price and deal on your investment.

This is probably one of the most important aspects that you should consider. Make sure that anything you buy is safe for your employees. You do not want to invest in low-quality equipment that might hurt your employees and affects the productivity of your company.


How to Make Money Using Google Adsense

What is all the fuss about Google Adsense about? I wanted to know the answer for this and fast. My friends and family were always ranting about how Google Adsense helped them make money by doing almost nothing.

I put a lot of search into this before I found the right answer that I was looking for. I couldn’t believe all that they had to offer. Now I know why this site is so popular and why everyone called it easy money and now I am going to show you how to do the same.

Google Adsense is a site that pays people to post up advertisements in their web sites or blogs. You are paid mainly on the number of hits each advertisement receives and the cost per thousand impression. The advertisement banner that is placed is related to the site or blog topic. These ads are usually placed by keyword so that they are relevant to where they are placed. Additionally, there is CTR Manipulation in Google SERPs that is a great way with which you will be able to make more money from your Adsense.

Signing up is fast and easy. You just fill out an on-line application, click submit and then paste a HTML code into the site or blog. The HTML code will cause the targeted ads to start showing up on your site or blog. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about keeping a relationship with the advertiser’s because Google does this for you.

Advertisers are put in an auction to bid on your site or blog. When the auction begins, the advertisers place their bid and whichever advertiser that wins gets to place his ad on your site right then so that there is no waiting. Google will place whichever ad that will generate the most revenue from your page

You can also place a Google search box on your site or blog. Each time a person uses the Google search box to search for an item or site, you earn revenue from this. Place one on your site or blog is easy, all you have to do is copy and paste the code into the site or blog and you’re done. It is that simple. Google search boxes allows the customer to search the web right from your site and will also help generate more page views as well.

With the Google search box you can customize it to have your logo placed on it and add your choice of over 200 colors so that the look and feel matches your site making it easier for you to stick with one scene when it comes to your site. Google knows how important it is for your site to meet all of your expectations.

Google has also made it easier for you to filter out the ads that you don’t want shown. If there is a specific ad that you prefer for them not to show then you can ad this to your filtered sites and Google will make sure to do this for you.

Google provides custom default ads so that if there is ever an event to where they are unable to place an ad for you then you can customize one for yourself and do this manually.

Anytime that something about your site or blog changes, so do the ads. Google will change the ads as many times as you change the site so that the ads will still be relevant to your site. Google understands how frustrating that it can be when an ad is completely off the topic of someone’s site. Google has the technology to filter through ads and place the most appropriate one to your site.

Google adsense has made it even easier for you to track your earnings from Google adsense with an on-line tracking site. This site will display the cost per clicks and the cost per impression that you have earned. You can also customize this page so that it is even friendlier for you to use. Once you customize it, you can be able to tell which ads and sites are getting you the most revenue. Knowing which site is making you the most money will let you know which other sites you need to work on or change.

Google also has a feature that allows you to view what your customer’s are searching for on your site. This feature will list the 25 most common searches done from your search box on your site. This is just another one of the many benefits that Google has to offer.

If you don’t speak English or if this is not your first language of choice, don’t worry because Google is available in a dozen languages worldwide

Make sure that you read the Google terms and conditions and abide by them before you open up an account.

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Valuable Online Marketing for Lawyers today

Establishing your company can take lots of work but obtaining visibility for your firm can be even more work. It once was common to merely utilize the local telephone book, television or radio ads, or even billboards for main sources of advertising solutions. Now, however, these types of marketing actually just skim the top layer of the essentials of advertising. But these considerably aged tactics of marketing may be limited in nature and will not permit you to get to your entire market. This introduces us to the critical solution of internet marketing for lawyers. Following internet marketing methods will help enhance your grasp to your target audience and can obtain a lot more name visibility.

Hence, it’s important to connect with to make your firm visible on the web.

As an important marketing arena, the Internet can supply a law firm with a big audience and all of the secrets for success. Endless possibilities can be accomplished when online advertising is utilized appropriately. Online marketing lawyers at times think that publishing a website is sufficient and new clients will just appear; nevertheless, the task is more rigorous than that. It takes not just a couple of basic procedures to achieve success i marketing your law practice online.

Your prime aim for web marketing is to not just drive potential customers to go to your site but to hold them there using valuable information and desirable design. To accomplish this challenge, you will need to think about both the layout of the site and the placement of key elements. In addition, you’ll need not just a number of images and your contact details to make a rewarding website. Prosperous online marketing for lawyers additionally requires informative material that will lure the interest of prospective customers.

Yet, there is still more work to complete. Standing back and in hopes, a visitor stumbles upon your website isn’t advised. Unique search engine optimization (SEO) approaches should be placed on your law office’s website to get optimum exposure in search engines such as Google and yahoo. If you perform a search for “lawyer” in an internet search engine, for example, Google, Yahoo or Bing, you’re going to get hundreds of pages of results. And without SEO optimization, your company’s website might be stuck somewhere on page 359 or greater. The rule of thumb for internet queries is that if your site doesn’t show up on the first page of the search, your website will not obtain very much exposure.

There is no need to constrain yourself to just having a website to promote your online presence. Most web advertising attorneys can attribute their successes to more than one variety of online advertising. Successful internet advertising legal professionals also employ things like educational blogs, social media, and pay-per-click internet search engine marketing. All around, a sensible way to advertise a law firm on the internet is to retain a substantial and steady presence geared toward your target audience.


Affording Childcare in a Recession

The recession is hitting everyone hard. But the ones who are hit the hardest are the middle to lower middle class working families. Many of these families are made up of two parents who have two to three jobs between them, plus the job of raising their children. This makes childcare a very important issue in their household.

Of course, everyone wants safe childcare. They want to place their children in hands of capable and caring people. This is a fact that no parent is about to skimp on or to take for face value.

But the problem with today’s childcare isn’t all about safety. It is about price.

It has been estimated that full time child care costs as much as rent for some families. (The average cost of full day care for an infant in most daycares for a year would run from $4,500 to $15,000). This is to high of a price, when jobs are being cut and incomes are being lowered. What are the options that some families may have.

They just can’t admit their children into any preschool centre of their choice only because their budget does not allow them to.

First, there are state funded programs that will help provide daycare. The problem here lies in the fact that most families make too much to qualify for these programs. Yet, they do not make enough to enroll their children in most day care centers. What other options do families have?

Check with your local childcare resource agency or go to and see if you qualify for some of the new stimulus plan that has been subsidized for childcare. Under the new plan childcare subsidizes has been raised from 2 billion to 4 billion dollars.


Talk to your daycare provider and see if you can qualify for a reduction in price. One way in which they may allow you to do this is by paying for the time that your child actually stays in daycare. For instance, if your child is only in day care for 3 out of 5 days, point this out to the provider.

Ask your employer about dependent care allowance. These are pretax dollars that are set aside for childcare costs. To learn more about this program check out this

Talk with other families and see if you can come up with a plan together. Many families are sharing babysitters or nannies. You may even be able to come up with a schedule in which part of the time family members can take over for the babysitter or nanny.

Finally, consider asking your family for help. Forty percent of grandparents are currently providing some type of childcare help with their grandchildren. (This includes great-grandparents). This is a great way for the grandparent to be a part of the child’s life and to feel needed. Just make sure you take in account the grandparents current health status when you consider this option.

Affording childcare costs in a recession can take a toll on a family, at times. But it can be doable, especially if you are lucky enough to have a support network such as a grandparent to help.


Heart of Nightfang Spire

Heart of Nightfang Spire A Dungeons and Dragons Adventure for 10th Level Characters. Written by Bruce R. Cordell.

As always when reviewing game modules; if you are a Dungeon Master, there is no such thing as spoiler. If you are a player, stop reading here and mark this review “Very Helpful.” This review is your ultimate guide for the games along with pussy888 apk download. You will easily master the art of playing Heart of Nightfang spire with these recommendations and tips.

Heart of Nightfang Spire is the fifth adventure in the 3rd Edition Adventure Path, and it is here that the characters learn that what you do can come back to haunt you. In the Sunless Citadel the Adventurers were introduced to a strange name; Ashardalon. They heard that name again in the last adventure, The Standing Stone. Ashardalon was a great Red Dragon with Demonic powers. He was served by a vampire called Gulthias. The characters opposed the remaining vestige of Gulthias in that first adventure. The vampire had been staked with green wood, and it had taken root. A strange tree with remarkable powers of life and death, and a penchant for corruption grew from that stake, and the evil that was Gulthias lived on.

Well, now he is back. If your characters shamelessly exploited the fruit of the Gulthias tree as my characters did, you can make sure they think that somehow, they are to blame for his escape.

Heart of Nightfang Spire is a site based adventure. The layout of the module was designed for ease of use by the Dungeon Master (DM) and the adventure tends to teach the characters how to be better players.

The Introduction includes the preparation section, for true novices, and brief Adventure Backgrounds to provide history for the DM and the Adventure Synopsis which provides a map for how the adventure ought to go, if pointing players down a plotline were not roughly analogous to herding cats. It also includes a list of possible character hooks to use to involve the players in the action, because cats won’t herd, but they will follow an open can of tuna. It also includes a few rumors the characters can learn along the road.

The next section is the Dungeon; Nightfang Spire. Built at the bottom of a gorge, it is easiest to enter through its broken roof. Of course, the Vampire lairs at the very bottom, so you have a case of having to go down to get up, and up to get down. Inside the tower the evil Cult of Ashardalon have established a very effective gauntlet to slow invaders. The adventure uses several monsters to good effect; vampire spawn, because Gulthias can make them, Girallons, great four armed gorillas, who lair nearby, and golems. These things keep hammering the adventurers until they go, “Not another Golem!” and then the next thing is something quite different. The module also teaches about templates, using advanced monsters…”My goodness! That girallon took a lot more killing than the first eight!” (Real line.) And a vampiric gibbering monster. “Anytime you make a vampire out of something covered in mouths, you are asking for trouble!” (Another real line.) When they reach the final battle they discover that the Vampire is also a more powerful wizard than they are! (Hey, is he a vampire or a character? What do you mean BOTH?)

The Nightfang Spire section contains no less than nine side bars designed to provide the DM with help remembering where Gulthias can spy on the characters, how often the random patrols go through, and special considerations for Gulthias. He is a super genius, and should be played as such. He’s also nutty as squirrel poo!

The conclusion gives the DM clues on how to handle success, or failure by the party, and some of the repercussions of each option.

The Appendix includes the stats on all named and advanced monsters. These are quite lethal, and can be used in other campaigns when you need something more exotic to throw at your players. It also includes stats for a new monster, the Mooncalf. (I think it’s great to throw new monsters at those players who have memorized the Monster Manual. I especially love it when they think it is something else, and holler the wrong advice!) There is also a quick write up on all the unique magic items found in the adventure.

As always the inside front and back cover are dedicated to maps showing the lay out of the dungeon. This makes a great makeshift wizards tower if needed. Just describe everything as opulently furnished.

I love these adventures. This one is the only one that I got play through as well as run, so it is a particular favorite of mine. At $9.95 for 32 pages it is a very good price, particularly when you consider how versatile these adventures can be.


Guide to Singles Vacation Packages in Las Vegas

You might have heard that Las Vegas is a wildly exciting place with a fantastic nightlife. There are so many things to do in Las Vegas that your head will be spinning; entertainment, activities, and casinos but to name a few. If you are traveling solo, you might be worried that you will be penalized on the price of your vacation, or be limited activity-wise. Here is an overview of the top five singles packages that Las Vegas has to offer.

Singles Travel International

This company has a wealth of experience in singles travel all over the world. The trips to Las Vegas include first rate hotels, and a good variety of entertainment. The bad news is that there is no age range specified, so if you are looking for romance you might have to think outside the box! There is Las Vegas sightseeing on offer, as well as casinos, clubs, and shopping for interested parties. There are casinos in Las Vegas where you can try your luck. situs judi terpercaya will provide you the information about the best casinos near you so that you can plan your trip more effectively.

Best Singles Travel: Weekend Package

There are so many great benefits to this package that you will be astounded. Firstly, you can choose whether you want to leave on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, to give you more flexibility, and to make this trip convenient for you. When you get to Las Vegas, this company firmly believes that you should choose to do whatever interests you. You can go shopping, sight-seeing, ride monorails, and go to the theatre with the group, or you can wander off on your own. This is your vacation! The package is reasonably priced and includes VIP entry into at least 15 of the strips best bars and clubs. The only drawback is that you are assigned a roommate for your stay.

VIP in Vegas: Adventure Holidays

The advantage of this singles package is that it is all based around adventure. There is a misconception that you need money to have fun in Vegas, but these packages prove that this is a fallacy. The pros of this package are that there are off-strip activities available like sky-diving, beach buggy riding, and canoeing. You can also peruse the strip and play the slots if you so desire. The cons of this package are that it is a little pricier than some of the others.

Independent City Vacations

This package is aimed at singles who want a short break to the lights of Vegas. The advantage of this package is that it includes a power pass which will give you access to more than twenty of the big attractions in the area. You can spend as much or as little time with the group as you wish. Tours of the Grand Canyon and Lake Mead are available. The disadvantage of this package is that it only offers four day vacations.

The World Outdoors

This company offers both relaxing and active vacations in Las Vegas. You can choose a great hiking package, an on-strip package, or a combination of the two. The times and dates seem to be very flexible, and fairly inexpensive. On the minus side, the itinerary is pretty rigid, which means that if you want to spend time with other singles alone, it is more difficult to do so.