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Best Racing Games For Android

Nowadays, gamers enjoy playing Racing games on the Android OS. Many new racing games and pkv games are available on play store for Android OS with crisp graphics, significant sound effects, and excellent playing environment with cool cars with lots of inbuilt features. Let us take a round in the play store and find some new and famous games for racing on  android. Fasten your seat belt now for the tour.

Raging Thunder 2

Raging Thunder 2 is a game in 3d which will lead you to race in wonders of the world like Great Wall of China, old and abandoned temples, beaches, mountains, and many more attractive environments. The player can play in “Single-mode” or can connect with the internet and can play online in “Multiplayer mode” and enjoy the racing.  The player can select from different modes from the available five modes to get the racing thrill. It is one of the most addictive free racing games on Android.

CSR Racing

It is one of the most stylish in a high-quality racing game in 3d graphics, which will provide new gaming experience to the players. One can choose cars from a range of options like Audi R8, Chevrolet Camero, Nissan GT-R, and many more with the option of upgrading, which will keep the player on his toes and the driving seat.

Asphalt 8- Airbone

It is the successor of the best arcade game from Gameloft, with new, improved graphics and features that will surprise the player. The player will get to enjoy the speedy stunts and crazy cool cars with intensity.

The game will let the player select from a wide range of 47 licensed cars from the top manufacturers with nine varied locations with the feature of mirror mode. The two new modes that are introduced are Infection and Drift as well as Multiplayer game mode where up to 8 players can play.

Mobile Games

Pokemonsoulsilver Review, Walking To Battle

The PokemonSoulSilver game for Nintendo DS, is a revamped version of Pokemon Silver. It comes with the SoulSilver game card, a Pokewalker, and a Pokewalker clip. The best feature of the new Pokemon game, is the Pokewalker. The walker, is a pedometer that can communicate with the game card and with other Pokewalkers. With random pokemon you can learn about all the pokemon stats that are there in Pokemon Soul Silver. You can read about their abilities and devise a strategy to improve your gameplay. It is really easy to use and you can easily learn about all the pokemons that are there in the game.

A few things about the Pokewalker. It can only carry one Pokemon at a time, and the Pokemon has to be returned to the game it was taken from. Also make sure to keep an eye on your Pokemon’s level so you won’t miss your chance to train it while it’s in the walker. As you use your Pokewalker, you’ll discover several modes of the Pokewalker.

The basic mode is stroll. In this mode the Pokemon walks with you.

The Poke Radar mode helps you catch Pokemon, with some of the Pokemon only appearing on the Pokewalker.

Dowsing mode lets you search for items hiding in tall grass.

Connect mode let’s you connect the walker to the DS System, or with another Pokewalker.

The basic mode of the Pokewalker allows you to accomplish many things.

Your Pokemon’s friendship increases and it earns Exp. Points.

You unlock more routes.

You gain 1 Watt for every 20 steps.

To use the Poke Radar you need 10 Watts. The Radar helps you find hidden Pokemon. Once you catch the Pokemon you can send it to your HeartGold game. The Poke Radar is fun to use, and with it you can catch several rare Pokemon, like:











Dowsing costs 3 Watts to use and allows you to find hidden items in the grass. Items you find can be sent to your SoulSilver.

With the connect feature you can let your Pokemon play with a friendsPokemon using the infrared connection. When it’s done playing, your Pokemon returns to you, with a gift.

The PokeWalker adds another element to the SoulSilver game, while encouraging physical activity on the part of the player. While the walker adds to the game play, it’s the thrill of the battles that excites Pokemon fans. In SoulSilver you explore the land of Johto.

After you start SoulSilver, you visit Professor Elm, and select a starter Pokemon. The choices are, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile. After visiting your mom to pick up your Pokegear, which allows you to call stored contacts any time, you head off to your journey, following Route 29. Have fun as you explore Johto looking for Pokemon like Mankey, Gligar, Donphan, and legendary Pokemon, as you prepare for your battle with the Elite Four. After defeating the Elite four, face and defeat the champion, Lance and enter the hall of fame.

The top legendary Pokemon’s you’re trying to catch in SoulSilver, is Lugia, level 45, and Ho-Oh level 70, who only appears after you’ve entered the Hall of fame.

It’s time to walk into battle.

Health and Fitness

Heroin Addiction And HIV: Controlling The Epidemic In Prisons With Naltrexone Implants

Naltrexone therapy for heroin addiction and HIV in Mauritius is the most effective way to control the epidemic in their prisons and general community. Mauritius is in the midst of a crisis that is recognized by the United Nations, and represents a clear warning to the rest of the world.

The State of Mauritius has 8 prisons falling under the direct command of the Commissioner of Prisons. Currently there are about 2500 prisoners serving under sentence of which about 85% are for drug related offenses. While drug addiction problems remain in the prison system there can be no expectation for positive change in criminal behavior or in the ability of those incarcerated to reintegrate into society once out in the community.

Drug addicts, if not treated properly and given the required therapy, have a 97% chance of relapse. This is a major concern as they return to their habits of taking illicit drugs, engaging in criminal activity to support their habit, and re-incarceration. There are accurate records of prisoners who, once addicted to drugs, become entrenched in the prison system where they are distanced even further from the possibility to engage in normal community activity.

Treating Drug Addiction in Prisons

Naltrexone is one of three major pharmacotherapies used to assist opiate-dependant patients or prisoners to manage their drug addiction. Changi Prison in Singapore has more than 13 years experience in providing excellent services to prisoners using Naltrexone to help exclude the craving for opiates in Singapore’s jails. The Go Medical sustained release Naltrexone implant pioneered by Dr George O’Neil in Western Australia is ideal for prison environments because the implant is inserted under the skin and lasts up to 6 months. In this type of preparation the prisoner would be unable to divert the medication.

The other two pharmacotherapies used in jails include Methadone and Buprenorphine which are both opiates that maintain an opiate level aimed at keeping the person comfortable enough to reduce crime in the prison. Unfortunately Buprenorphine (Subutex) has earned a bad reputation in prisons because the formulation takes too long to dissolve under the tongue and is easily diverted. For this reason many prisons do not allow Buprenorphine.

Methadone is used in many European, Australian and USA prisons. Diversion of the drug is better controlled than with Buprenorphine. Unfortunately maintaining the person’s addiction in prison removes the right of escaping from opiate dependence while in prison unless they are strong enough to undergo harsh and unassisted withdrawal illness. Some pro-active authorities believe that using Methadone in prison prevents or significantly delays recovery and delays a return to the normal non-opiate dependant community.

Increased Risk of HIV

In Mauritius, there has been a 400% increase in the incidence of HIV infections since 2004. This alarming rate of new infections has been linked to endless cycles of drug addiction and prison sentences for related offences. Approximately 86% of known HIV cases are attributable to intravenous drug use. In addition there is an increased risk of death by 5% due to overdose on release back into the community. Those who survive are at significant risk of re-offending and re-entering the prison system due to continued drug addiction. The length of time these people remain addicted to opiates is directly proportional to their risk of acquiring HIV and other viral infections. It is imperative that this cycle of drug addiction and HIV spread be broken as soon as possible by appropriate interventions.

Proposed Solution

Officials in Mauritius believe that Dr O’Neil’s proposed methods of intervention and treatment could revolutionize the way society manages the treatment of people with opiates abuse disorders. While the gold standard for treatment currently is maintenance therapy that allows addicts to substitute legal analogues for illegal opiates and manage their disorder to varying degrees, it is far from ideal. Unfortunately many countries which opted for substitution treatment with Subutex or Methadone now have to battle against illegal trade of these legal opiates. Furthermore, the rate of overdose has gone far higher than for any other drug.


Dr O’Neil’s treatment model in Perth, Western Australia, is based on abstinence and reversal of physiological addiction. It is only after complete relief from addiction that the individual may cease drug taking and be returned to a normal state of physical and mental health. In this way the drug related crimes will also diminish, relieving the pressure on the criminal justice system, and limiting the drain on health resources and state budgets as well as to increase security within the general community. This treatment will remove the market for drugs in prisons since Naltrexone is an opioid antagonist and therefore injecting heroin has no effect. By removing the benefits of, and the requirement for, opiates the practice of intravenous drug administration will diminish and consequently limit the spread of HIV and other viral infections.

At the time of writing this article the proposed project in Mauritius had been put on hold due to absence of support by funding organizations. Further information can be obtained by directing enquiries to and registering your interest. People that are HIV positive can visit review to mingle with other people. This is a great way to make them feel like a part of the community. They can share their feelings and experience with other as well.

Shopping and Product Reviews

Purchasing A Secondhand Air Conditioner

If you are looking for an air conditioner for your home, you may want to consider purchasing a secondhand air conditioning unit. You can often save a significant amount of money by buying a used air conditioner instead of a new model. Unfortunately, there are also several disadvantages to purchasing a secondhand air conditioning unit, so the cost savings may not be as great once repairs and installation costs are figured into the total.

Purchasing a secondhand air conditioner: Where to find one

Of course, the main reason to purchase a secondhand air conditioning unit is to save money. New air conditioners can cost thousands of dollars, which is out of the budget of many homeowners. If you get lucky, you may be able to find a secondhand air conditioning unit for only a few hundred dollars.

Some hotels or apartment buildings that have replaced their old units with newer models may be willing to sell the secondhand units at a deep discount because it is better than disposing of them and not recovering any of their costs. The newspaper classified ads are another great place to find a good price on a secondhand air conditioner. Unfortunately, this is one of the few items that is not easily purchased or sold on eBay because of the high shipping cost. You can visit เครื่องปรับอากาศ to see more options. You can even compare prices and ratings as well. It will give you a fair idea of what condition the air conditioner is in.

Purchasing a secondhand air conditioner: Installation

The cost savings of purchasing a secondhand air conditioner do come with some disadvantages. Because you are purchasing your air conditioner on the secondhand market, it may be difficult to find someone to install the unit in your home. Unless you have construction experience and can do it yourself, you will have to pay a professional installer. Unfortunately, many air conditioning servicemen are wary of installing a secondhand model because they are unsure of the unit’s condition. It is not usually possible to test a secondhand air conditioner before it is completely installed in the home, they will not know if it works until after doing all of the installation and calibration work. The installer may be reluctant to do the installation work fearing that the homeowner will blame them if the air conditioning unit does not work properly.

Purchasing a secondhand air conditioner: Warranties and repairs

Another problem with purchasing a secondhand air conditioner is that you will not receive a warranty. If any repairs are required, you will be forced to pay for them yourself. Parts may also be harder to find for an older model of air conditioner, making the repair more expensive or even impossible. Certain laws regulating the type of chemicals that can be used in an air conditioning unit may also have changed since that model was produced, making it illegal for you to even operate the unit.

Video Games

3 Important Tips To Get Involved In Video Games Playing With Your Kids

In our modern generation, one of the main platforms that entertain kids is playing video games. With the rise of technology and introduction of new devices, video games have been one of the developing platforms that kids love to play as a form of entertainment. And as a parent, it is your responsibility to guide your child in playing video games so any troubles or issues associated with it can be prevented. And one of the effective ways to monitor your child is to get involved with it. So to help you out, here are some tips to get into video games with your kids.

Know the video gaming realm

The very first step that you have to do if you want to get involve into video gaming with your kids is to know the whole gaming world. Surely, there are several and countless video games online. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to know them one by one. The tip is that you just have to learn the basics. You need to understand the concept and everything will be easier for you to measure.

Play with Your Kids

Once you’re able to have a grasp of what the video games are all about, the next step that you need to do is to get involved. This means that you have to play video games with your kids. According to studies, video games addiction can be prevented if the parents try to get into video gaming with their kids. In this case, you will be bale to monitor your child’s playing habit.

Set Limitations

Websites like has a lot of free online games. And certainly, if not guided properly, it could lead to addiction. So to avoid this issue, you should be able to set limitations with the playing time and habits of your kids. Always remember that communication is an essential factor.

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Buy A Custom Felted Portrait Of Your Pet Online In A Few Clicks

We are well aware of the fact that pets are our chosen family and are a bundle of joy that can make your day just by wagging that little tail, by their sweet little purr or their mere presence spreads sheer delight in the environment. For you and your pet, we provide customized felted portraits of your pet at your doorstep. Yes! They are available online and is provided by one of the best in this business they can be made according to your needs and preferences.

they can be made of any size required any material suggested for the purpose. They are available in wool, cotton or needle as per your specification. Our company provides custom felted portraits in any form, in a cushion cover, as a 3D picture in a photo frame, like a dummy toy whichever way you want.

To order these visit the link provided, click on the type of portrait you want, give your specifications, add to cart and pay. It is one of the easiest ways of ordering custom goods from home as it cuts the effort of actually visiting any store or shop for the purpose which is a tedious task. Being available online has its own perks, as one can select from various designs provided online, with different options available.

All you need to do is send a picture of your pet and we will make the best-felted portrait of your pet just the way you want. To get your hand on these bad boys visit the site and shop now as they selling like hotcakes. We assure you we do not compromise with the quality and standards as we believe customer satisfaction is the key to success.

Stock Market

Should You Invest In Real Estate Or Stock Market?

Choosing to invest between real estate or stock market in the first place is quite confusing. There isn’t specific answer to this because it comes down to your personality, preferences, and knowledge.

Investing in either of them holds their own profits as well as cons. Before making a choice, look at what it takes to invest in either of them:

Investing In Real Estate

Investing in real estate means dealing with physical land. Some of the real estates can cost you expenses every month in the form of maintenance and taxes, and others can be cash-generating in the form of rents, interests. Generally, people are more familiar with investing in real estate, as it is quite easier to avoid fraud in this area. Though, it can require you to spend on the land you acquire on a monthly basis. Real estate investments are considered as an effective inflation hedge that could save you from losses.

Investing In Stock Market

Investing in stock means buying a part of a company. No matter what business a company deals with, you will be entitled to the share of profit (if any). Earning profit with stocks depends on the revenue level of the company. The history of the stock market proves that it works as a consistently wealth creator. Though, when you invest in the short run, fluctuation in stock market prices could lead to worries. Stock market provides diversification as compared to real estate. The primary benefit you get when you invest in stocks is the liquidity of your money. Handling stocks doesn’t even require much work from your part, and you also own a part of the company, even if it is only one percent.

In a nutshell, if your objective is to get used to investing and grow your knowledge, start with stocks. Sources like Kopar at Newton provides basic information to help you with the investment procedure. Besides, it is always a personal decision invest in your preferences.

Internet and Businesses Online

Find Out Which One Is Better, Salesforce Crm, Or Sugarcrm!

For every companies which is involved in the sales and marketing sector, it is crucial for them to have an ideal relationship with the users they interact with and hence they seek the help of many efficient software in order to get the process done.


While taking different industrial standards at hand, it is evident that salesforce crm does stand out in the list due to its reliability and usage. But while comparing it with sugarcrm, you might start to notice that they are similar in so many components across the software platforms. While sugarcrm used to be a perfect platform for small businesses, it has now developed widely and is ready to fight alongside its competitors.

The price within salesforce can be used is relatively high when compared to the cheaper price within which the sugarcrm is made available, with almost all similar products and services in between them.


The available features of salesforce is such that it is designed via APEX which indicates that it is not open-sourced like sugarcrm and this makes it hard for any ordinary developer to make any changes to the interface. However, the mobile platform introduced for sugarcrm is much difficult to change to, when looked with the easy to modify mobile application available from salesforce. The architecture that salesforce uses is single-tenant fashion where in every user is availed with a single URL where in sugarcrm gives individual URLs to users to log into.

Even though both the platforms comes with numerous similarities yet stand different in the industrial list gives the user the ultimate independence to choose an apt software according to the needs of the company thereby making sure that whichever software used gives the best service to the company it is adopted for.


Adopting Various Strategies To Get Debt Relief!

As time passes, it may be difficult for you to finally come to terms with the fact that you have gotten yourself involved with serious debt troubles and is in need of certain strategies to get yourself out of the situation your unknowingly created.

How to manage the situation at hand?

Once you have realized the facts and figures of the situation mentally it is important that you take some time in order to think about the details and specifics of the said debt. Initially, you can start off by taking strict decisions on not to create any more debts than what you already have at hand.

You can also ask your employer for a prior payment or advance if they are willing to help you in this regard or even resort to your insurance policies to see if they can pitch out the amount you want at the moment.

How to avoid it in the future?

Keeping an emergency fund or savings with you wherein you constantly deposit enough amounts can always come in handy at times like this when you don’t have to depend on others to help. You can also try and explain your situation to your debtor and ask them to put the lowest interest rate on your debt relief so that you can get a hold of the amount you owe. You can also get engaged in part-time jobs or engagement which will help you earn money on your own so that you can put it towards your debt to be paid.

Once you get out of the situation, it is quite vital in order for you to make sure not to be caught up in such a tricky situation again and hence you can take up credit counseling which will help you with managing your credits and savings.

Internet and Businesses Online

Other Uses Of Promotional Items

Marketing strategies amidst fierce market competition

Competition over market share has always been fierce between businesses. Big companies can shell out a substantial amount of money to make budget for marketing and advertising teams and agencies. For medium to small businesses however, utilizing agencies and teams for their marketing strategies can cause a serious in their budget.

This need to be competitive in the market without having to shell out a significant sum of money has paved way for medium and small businesses to use promotional items as a marketing tool. Promotional items such as custom water bottles have proven to help increase visibility and recognition of various brands and businesses.

Importance of promotional items in the business

Promotional items have become a popular marketing tool not just in small and medium-scale businesses but with big industry players as well. It provides an affordable means to promote your brand and business to a wide range of market audience. A simple logo printout in commonly used promotional items is enough to cause a significant boost in the business’ visibility. Promotional items are also convenient to give out targeted market audience.

Other uses of promotional items

While promotional items are commonly used in businesses, it can also be utilized in other ways. Non-profit organizations campaigning for various causes can use promotional items to further their cause. It also helps disseminate important messages they want to spread among people to help increase awareness to the cause they’re fighting for. It can also serve as a channel for such organizations to communicate and arrange donations from willing sponsors.

The art community can also make use of promotional items as means to introduce and invite art enthusiasts to gallery openings and exhibits. Aside from helping spread the message across the art community, it can also serve as a medium for an artist to give a preview about his artworks, as most promotional items provide flexibility in the design they will incorporate.