March 2019


Ways to Get Free Clash of Clans Gems

Gems are one of the most precious commodities known to just about every Clash of Clans Gems owner. This is because in having plenty of gems are you able to assert your strength and power over that of others. Clans clash in order form them to have gems of their own. Whatever country you belong in, like Germany for example, cheats clash of clans deutsch can be found and are also extremely popular. In order to find the best Gems and get them for free, below are some of the ways laid out.

Removing Obstacles

Bushes and Trees can be sources of gems, however, it needs a stroke of luck in doing so. Clash of Clans actually has an algorithm which aims to set the number of gems that you get every time you attempt and do a clean-up which will remove bushes and trees. In removing the said obstacles, you are able to get anywhere between 0 to 6 gems, with 6 being the most abundant. You can get from original obstacles, spawned obstacles, and even those from your builder base. You can get as many as 44 gems on a weekly basis through clearing up either your home village and your builder base, which will amount to 88 gems per week.

Achievements and Donations

Getting achievements will allow you to earn as many as 10,000 gems. These may be unlocked, and you may get to the champions league the moment you reach 3,000 trophies, though this may take a lot of time, effort, and more clan members just so that it can be achieved. Donations is also a thing, where other clan members can donate as much as 100 gems for your personal game. The more active you are, the better chances of getting them.


Hay Day Tips & Tricks: How To Add Friends And Why It Is Important To Have Partners

Hay Day is a freemium farming game developed and published by Supercell. The award-winning game is a community-based, interactive game that allows users to interact with each other, and naturally, players who have more friends have distinct advantages over the other players.

In this article, we will outline how you can add friends in Hay Day and discuss the importance of having friends. We will also touch upon the benefits of having friends and how they can help you level up faster.

Best ways to add friends in Hay Day

Whether you are playing Hay Day on the iOS platform or the Android platform, you’ll have multiple options for adding/finding friends who could help you out in times of need. Here are the best ways to add friends:

  1. Add friends by linking your Hay Day account to Facebook. You need to open the Settings Menu and click the gear icon located at the top left corner of the screen. There you’ll find the “Settings” and from there, click the Facebook button to link your Hay Day account to Facebook. Once you are connected to Facebook, you can access the “Friends” icon (bottom right corner) to view your friends who are already Hay Day.
  2. Utilize the Neighborhood House. When you reach level 18, you can tap the Neighborhood House to find more friends. If you haven’t reached level 18, Game Center and Facebook are the only means that you can add friends.
  3. You can also find, and then add friends, using the Game Center in iOS devices. You can do this by clicking the “Game Center” icon on your iOS device. From there, you need to click on the “Friends” icon on the bottom of the screen, and then you can search for your friends and send a friend request to invite them.

Of course, there are other ways to acquire more friends in Hay Day, but that would mean utilizing the cheats hay day. And that’s a sore subject for Supercell. And to put it simply, it is another subject that needs to be discussed for another time.

Why is it important to have more friends when playing Hay Day?

To sum this up: No man is an island. You’ll need friends to advance in this game. Having friends in Hay Day can help you immensely. Your friends can help you fulfill roadside orders, revive dying trees and bushes, and give you mystery boxes. But most importantly, friends can provide you some items that you are low on, and vice-versa.

Also, you can increase the size of your roadside shop space by having more friends. Equally important is the fact that you can help friends in exchange for gift cards that you can use to purchase packages using the catalog.

And oh, you can also pile up XP points by donating, selling, or buying items from your friends! And as you probably know by now, XP points are the quickest way that you can level up.

While it may not be necessary to have a lot of friends in Hay Day, you will definitely need a few dedicated partners with whom you can trade and barter with. Imagine what you can do if all your friends are on hand when you need anything. It’s a sure-fire way to raise your level quickly.

And having friends is just the tip of the iceberg. Remember, it is good to have a lot of friends playing the game, but having friends who got your back could mean the difference between a top player and mid-range player or a casual player!

You’re on your way to becoming a farming wizard! What to expect next?

If you can utilize what we shared here, you’ll be on your way to becoming one of the top players in Hay Day. Not only will you be able to pass your time using your creativity to interact with fellow players (even find the one!), you’ll also be one of the best farmers in the game. While it may take a while to catch up to those who have been playing for the longest time, having a bunch of friends may allow you to catch the leaders far quicker than you expected.

And once you catch the leaders, you’ll have the bragging rights for being one of the best players in Hay Day. After all, Hay Day isn’t just a game for most of the people who play it. It has become a lifestyle. And, why not? Hay Day, up to this day, remains one of the most-played mobile games in the business. And it is still one of the most profitable games ever developed by Supercell. So, having you on top of the best players list will certainly be a huge achievement.

Computers and Technology

Some Important Tips For Increasing The Youtube Views

If you are looking for the easiest method to increase Youtube views, then there are many options available to choose from. You should always pick the right method to get started. First of all, you should check all the methods that are available and then check out their pros and cons. With the help of a good number of Youtube views, you can avail the amazing benefits. In the further post, you can read the best methods that can help to increase the Youtube views in a short time.

Fill out the profile

There are many youtubers who always skip the profile section. They just jump to the section of content creation. However, if we talk about the compelling profile, then this is a simple way of promoting the Youtube channel. Not only this, this strategy is also helpful in order to boost SEO. The rank of the video should be high so that the majority of the people can come through the video. If the video is ranked down, then it is not possible to target the huge audience.

Pay attention to the description

You should always write the description of Youtube videos after including the keywords. Try to do proper research about the keywords that are suitable for your content. The description of the title should be perfect which can easily suit the requirements. Some people don’t pay attention to this factor. In result, they don’t get what they want.

Apart from this, there are also many more different methods by which we can get the desired number of views on Youtube views. When it comes to the easiest method, then you should buy Youtube views. While there are several more options; however, this one is perfect which doesn’t require a lot of time.

Computers and Technology

7 Smart Techniques To Use An Iphone For Making Corporate Video

This is becoming really crucial to create a corporate video only because it helps the business owners to achieve heights in the market. Well, the high class companies may easily spend huge amount of money for creating a perfect video for the business. However, if you are a small business holder then it is also possible to create a small corporate video by using personal iphone. You can check out the latest packages of corporate video Singapore and then decide which would be suitable for you to creating corporate video. In this article, you will read the process of creating the corporate video with iphone.

How to make corporate video with iphone?

Do you have an iphone? Are you running a business? If yes, then you must try the iphone in order to shoot the best commercial video for creating the video. Here are some mind-blowing tips that will help you to create the video perfect.

  1. First of all you need an iphone latest model like iphone 8 or X would be best.
  2. You should use the tripod in order to keep the iphone on the right place.
  3. Not only this, you should use the lights for making a colorful perfect lightning video.
  4. Even if you are thinking to use the iphone digital zoom then don’t use it.
  5. Get your microphone close to the subject that will help you to get better sound quality.
  6. Take help of any experts who know the right techniques use the cameras.
  7. After shooting the video send it for editing because this is really crucial.

Once you do everything then you will automatically get better outcomes as the perfect commercial video. Therefore, now you can send it to the social sites to promote the video.


Required Skills For Playing Different Online Games

Online games are getting popular because these can help in passing the spare time in a better way. also, we can get entertained by BandarQ. There are numerous people who play online games when they don’t have anything to do, or they want to enjoy. However, the players should have some skills for playing so many different online games in a perfect manner.

Problem solving skills

The game is all about different kind of obstacles and problems. There are a number of games in which the players have to undergo many different issues. So, if they have the problem solving skills, then it will prove beneficial. By solving the problems quickly, they will get the chance to proceed for further game as soon as possible.

Decision making skills

The players should have great decision making skills. While playing, the players are required to make several different decisions without thinking a lot. They have to be careful while taking decisions because these will affect further game. So, if the player has these skills, then he/she will be able to play the game in a better way.


There are many multiplayer online games. So, if you are going to play with some other people, then it is important to know about socialization. We should be social so that we can easily talk to random people and also handle the situations. If we shy to talk, then it will lead some issues while playing because the proper coordination is required for winning.

In addition to this, leadership is also a skill which is required in the player. So, if the player has all these skills, then he/she will be able to win the game with ease. In fact, players can also become pro player.

Health and Fitness

Big Impact from Small Health Habits

Becoming healthy is a process. It does not happen overnight but it is the sum of small healthy habits done consistently and regularly. So, how do you start? Well, it is best to start designing or redesigning the habits that you do daily as your tool to become healthy.


These small healthy habits should be something that we do naturally and as part of our daily routine. Trying to incorporate habits that are not part of your daily movements or routine may be difficult to maintain as it requires you to allocate separate time, resources, and energy for it.


Using your daily movements or routines, such as drinking water, walking, or sitting, as a tool to practice small healthy habits will allow you to do more with your time, resources, and energy.


Here are 5 examples of small healthy habits:

  1. Drink water. Water therapy should not be resorted to only when you are already sick. Water therapy should be a habit that is done regularly. Drinking more water improves health and strengthens the immune system. There are sites that provide information on water therapy and one of the sites You can visit is a post in Linkedin.


  1. Stretching promotes flexibility and flexibility is important. Stretching causes tight and wound up muscles as a result of lactic acid build up to relax. Lack of stretching can cause soreness and bad posture which affects your movements and mental health.


  1. Walking may not cause you to sweat as fast or as much as jogging or running but it does have significant positive health impact. Some health benefits of walking are: heart and lung fitness reduces hypertension, high cholesterol levels, joint and muscle pains, and diabetes.

  1. Hand washing. Washing your hands before and after certain activities can help prevent illness as it removes germs and prevents the spread of germs. It is advisable to wash your hands before and after preparing and eating food, when treating cut wound, when using the toilet, and when caring for a sick patient.


  1. Sit straight. As children, we have always been told to sit up straight and it is for a good reason. Sitting properly makes us conducive to remembering positive memories or think of something positive. Sitting properly or having the proper posture also makes you more confident.



11 Must Know Benefits of Team Sports for Your Kids

Children in the present time are spending a lot of time on BandarQ due to which, the value of sports is being ignored to a major extend. However, engaging your children in team sports can be beneficial for them in a number of ways:

  1. Boosts the self esteem

Team sports help children in developing a unique personality type, which boosts their self esteem in general.

  1. Teaches the value of relationships

Children who take part in team sports understand the value of working with others and developing healthy relationships.

  1. Improves critical thinking

A child who is engaged in a team sport will learn to analyze a situation and come up with the best course of action which enhances their critical thinking skills.

  1. Promotes acceptance

Losing a game as a team can help a child to accept the unfair defeats in life.

  1. Helps in promoting team spirit

Playing with a large team prepares a child for the bigger challenges in life and teaches them to work in a team.

  1. Teaches children to accept defeat

A team player understands that winning and loosing are part of the game and is able to accept defeat more gracefully.

  1. Boosts character

Team sports increase the social interaction of children and helps in improving their character.

  1. Teaches hard work

Children understand the value of working hard in life when they practice team sports.

  1. Teaches control over emotions

A player is a performer. Sports teach children to keep a hold on their emotions and focus on their performance.

  1. Promotes leadership skills

As a part of a team, a child learns to take better decisions and become a good leader.

  1. Becomes more disciplined

A team player understands that lack of focus on their part can affect the performance of their entire team, making them more disciplined in life.


Uncovered Discoveries in Video Game

Most of us have grown up when technology is just being invented. But as a kid, we are sure that you also think that video games are one of the best things that are ever developed. Now, thanks to togel hongkong, you still get to enjoy your favorite classics.

But did you know that some of your favorite games have hidden levels, quests, rewards, that it took years before it was discovered? So, we compiled some of these uncovered discoveries that were found in some of the well-known games.

The Apprentice – When you enter a certain set of codes correctly, it will reveal photos of naked women

Super Mario 64 – We are all familiar with Super Mario games and its coin-collecting run. However, there is one coin that is dubbed the impossible coin that is, well, difficult to collect. But thanks to some tool-assisted run, the impossible has become possible

Final Fantasy IX – A lot of people played the Final Fantasy games but only a few people found out about a cleverly conceal side-quest in the game.

Super Mario Bros. – This is one of the easter eggs that have Mario fans trying for ages. Know that green, sprouting beanstalk that can end up giving you the Game Over? Turns out, there’s a chance that if you completed a certain condition, this beanstalk will give you unlimited 1ups!

Marathon – We could say that this is one of the best easter eggs ever found. An entire level is hidden within the game and you can only access it if you were able to enter one of the dream levels.

So, have you seen these hidden things before or is it the first time you’ve heard about them? I’m sure that it makes you want to bring out your gaming console and start playing these online games again and try to prove this hidden list. Well, Good Luck on your quest! Happy Online Gaming!


Fortnite – What Should Parents Know?

Online games are seeking the attention of game lovers. So, if you also love to play games in the free time, then it is advised to go with this option. Well, there are a number of games present over the internet, and we can select anyone. However, when it comes to the most popular online game, then the name of Fortnite can’t be ignored.

Basically, this game is a shooter survival based game which has been playing by thousands of players on a daily basis. Majority of the players are children, and there are many things related to

BandarQ, and the parents should know about such aspects. If your child also plays such game on a huge level, then this is the right place. Check out the facts related to the fortnite game in the further article.

Addictive issue 

There are many children who get addicted to Fortnite. They spend their whole time in playing this game instead of doing the study. Well, if your child is also doing this, then let me tell you that it is not good for the future. Parents should takes care of their children and make sure that they are playing for a limited period.

Age criteria

Most of the games always have some kinds of ratings similar to some TV shows and movies. There is a particular age criteria for the players of fortnite. So, if your children are playing this game, then it is advised you to check the age restriction. You should always make sure that the children are able to play the game.

Many times, it has seen that children sign up anonymously and they lie about their age and many other details. Always make sure that the child is playing with the real information. This is the most important thing, and the parents should always pay proper attention to such factor.


Internet and Businesses Online

How To Start A Youtube Channel And Be Successful

Once you buy YouTube channel monetization enabled, it surely is a big step. You now have your own YouTube channel and because you are paying for it, YouTube will certainly be an important platform for your content. However, making a channel on YouTube and monetizing it is not the only thing you need to do to attain success on this platform.

The quality of the content that you share with your audience is the primary factor that decides the popularity of a YouTube channel. You might have already decided the type of content that you will be sharing through your YouTube channel, but the most important aspect of designing the content is to know your audience. You will need to check a number of aspects related to your audience. The first thing is to understand the age group to which your audience belongs. The nature of your content and its versatility will be limited by the age group that you are addressing. The next step is to decide the type of videos that you will be making. If you are promoting a business, your videos should be focused on the product that you are selling only. Besides, if you have some offers for the customers and the audience, make sure to share it with the people as it will get you more views on your videos and also help peple to find your channel through other search engines.

Finally, it is also important to understand that YouTube is a professional platform but your audience includes a number of types of people. Try to involve certain elements in your videos that will help you attract the attention of all these groups of audience. Also, include customer testimonials to influence more people to subscribe to your cannel. Once you are able to understand and cater t the needs of your audience, you can gain success from your YouTube channel.