10 Best Work From Home Jobs

Being bored of sitting at home and doing nothing? Are you a homemaker who doesn’t have anything to do with everybody in the home leaves during the day? Are you an unemployed person or a retired person who is looking a way to pay the bills? Are you free at home just after passing out from the college? Well, in that case, you can earn some bucks just by sitting at home with a proper internet connection. Irrespective of age, gender and race or qualification, you can try getting work from home data entry jobs to make a living. Here, we are going to list out different types of jobs in which you can choose the one that suits you the best:

Plain Data Entry:

Basically this is nothing more than just a typing job. All you have to do is type things in notepad, or MS Word. One should know the simple English and should have a good speed like at least 30 words per minute to earn a decent money. You will be given books or images as sources from which you have the type the words from.

Survey Forms:

Simple yet interesting, they’re the best data entry jobs that can give you income. All the companies these days are curious about customer feedbacks and surveying as they will help in the design of their products. Therefore, a huge database of surveys are needed by the research and development teams. All you have to do is fill these surveys and provide them your feedback and get paid for each survey.

Captcha Entry:


Captchas are the text that is given to verify if you’re human or not. This is an image with some characters in it that human can solve by reading and enter. Few companies want people to solve them for creating accounts for different sites. You need to create these accounts with a pay of around Rs 100 for say 1000 accounts.

Form Filling:

In this data entry work, you will be provided with the different type of forms to be filled where each and every field contains various details. One has to fill the forms and submit them online and repeat the process by copying the data in the next forms. It only takes around 3-5 minutes to fill a form, and you will be paid around Rs10- Rs 50 for a single form based on the type of the form.

Text Conversion:

You will receive an image file that is to be converted to a word document. You need to read the text from the image and then type it in the Word document. It is similar to the plain texting but needs more precision and accuracy and also requires advanced English skills at times. Also, most of these jobs are fraudulent and you need to check the reliability of the company first before working.

Proof Reading:

Here, you will be asked to correct the spellings and grammars and provide a re-formatted document that is edited. This is more like proofreading, and it requires decent English. This job comes with content writing as well and apply to it only when you’re sure about it.


This is formatting the data like aligning them in paragraphs, changing the font, increasing the line space or making them right handed or left handed. The content remains the same and all you need to do is make it look unique and presentable.


Audio to Text:

Advanced, when compared to the rest of the jobs; you need to type the audio text in the Word and submit. You’ll be given an audio file to which you have to listen and produce the content in words. People with good vocabulary and great patience can apply for it.

Medical Transcriptionist:

As the name says, the game levels up with this kind of data entry jobs. The pay is high as you have to download the medical books and convert them into word documents from either an image file or scanned documents. The words are entirely medical and therefore they are hard to spell and write. Also, this job needs 99.9% accuracy which makes it almost impossible.


Mostly needed by News Channels and Media, you just have to write captions for details given to you. This can be done straight from home and is extremely easy.


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