How To Play Pokemon Go From Home

Play from Home: Pokemon Go Game for You

Pokémon GO is so successful not only because of the collecting character. The principle of being constantly on the move requires Pokémon GO to be different from all other known games. But Pokémon GO also makes exceptions – playing at home is not impossible.

Without special tricks you can only play Pokémon GO from home. The extent to which this is possible depends solely on your place of residence. If you are in close proximity to a Pokéstop or a place where many players come together every day, you can charge your Pokéballs from home and catch Pokémon.

How to play Pokemon Go from home?

Pokemon Go is an AR game and it comes from going outside, moving and exploring the different locations. No matter if you catch Pokemon or visit the nearest PokeStop nearby, you have to move for almost every action. Accordingly, Pokemon Go cannot be played at home, at least not as some players imagine. If you visit a PokeStop and want to get free items like Pokeballs, Potions and Belabors, you have to go there too. If you want to compete against other Pokémon in an arena, you have to go there too. Of course you can start Pokemon Go without running from home and play to the effect that, for example, the collected sweets and stardust and develop or improve his Pokemon or look at his PokeDex, but then you cannot do much more.

Why can other Pokemon Go play without having to move?

The videos often show players teleporting from one place to another with just one click. Is it possible to play Pokemon Go at home? The players in the videos usually use apps to fake the location and teleport themselves from point A to point B. This basically works, but of course is not allowed. Otherwise, any player could teleport to any location in Pokemon Go without having to take a step and players who do not would have a huge downside. With the pokemon go hack ios deutsch this is the best.

Anyone who gets caught in Pokemon Go at the location will face not only a temporary ban, but even a complete ban on multiple infringements. So this is not a real alternative with which you can play Pokemon Go at home. Especially this is as the fun of Pokemon Go will certainly disappear very quickly, if you waste cheats or tricks with the GPS fake. Not to mention the fact that it breaks the AR adventure for other players as well.