@BrowardSchools announces 2013 School-Related Employee of the Year Finalists

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From the nearly 10,000 Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) school-related employees who support students, teachers and administrators, six are finalists for the 2013 School-Related Employee Year.

The six vying for this year’s top honor are: Camille Adderley, Early Childhood Education Department; Jane Fleming, Pioneer Middle School; Jenna Gentile, Nova High School; Karen Kalarchian, Sawgrass Elementary School, Krystal Morman, McNicol Middle School and Kimberly Seedial, Coral Springs Elementary School.

The 2013 School-Related Employee of the Year winner will be announced at the BCPS Caliber Awards ceremony recognizing and honoring all of this year’s nominees and finalists as Broward’s best teachers, principals, assistant principals and school-related employees. The Caliber Awards will be held on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 5:30 p.m., at the Broward County Convention Center.

Following are the 2013 School-Related Employee of the Year finalists:

Camille Adderley, Parent Educator in the Early Childhood Education Department

As one of the lucky few, who can say they love their job, Adderley continues to strive to enhance student learning. “I do not just do what is required of my job description, I advocate for the families and the community, so they can lead successful lives.” During the weekends, Adderley coordinates field trips and parent literacy trainings. She initiated the Angel Tree program and provides assistance to everyone she can, from three and four year old students to college student nurses.

Jane Fleming, Office Confidential at Pioneer Middle School

Fleming’s wealth of knowledge keeps the school running smoothly on a daily basis. Her priority is the to students, and she embraces diversity, integrity, and dignity for all people. Fleming screens calls, schedules appointments, and oversees the clerical staff. She tries “to provide as much as possible the needed resources for teachers to foster continuous school improvement centered on student learning.”

Jenna Gentile, Guidance Data Specialist at Nova High School

Taking volunteerism to new heights, Gentile is always helping out with something. “I find great satisfaction in making a contribution and attempting to set a role model expectation for our students, my peers, and school management.” Whether she is coaching the cheerleaders, coordinating the graduation ceremony, feeding the homeless or lending a hand with the various assessment tests, she places herself wherever she can to improve the quality of education for the students.

Karen Kalarchian, MicroTech at Sawgrass Elementary School

Starting as a volunteer at her school, Kalarchian has become so much more. Her warm and gentle demeanor begins as she welcomes students at the gates and continues through the day. Her expertise in technology is only a small aspect of what she does. Kalarchian has also organized school beautification projects and clothing drives. She believes, “You should be willing to go above and beyond your job requirements and you should help everyone as best as you can, because this is the only way to make a difference.”

Krystal Morman, Community Liaison at McNicol Middle School

Morman had many plans for her life, and though they haven’t all gone as planned, she wouldn’t have it any other way. She says, “I finally realized that what I need would be far greater than what I want….that sometimes the plan that destiny has for you is far better than any plan you can ever have for yourself.” This belief has propelled her to take on each task with a smile and the notion that there is nothing impossible to complete.

Kimberly Seedial, Behavioral Technician at Coral Springs Elementary School

Enthusiastic about her role in her school, Seedial continues to assist parents, students and other staff members whenever she has the chance. “I hope to keep motivating my students and to increase their self-image and feelings of self worth.” Addressing the needs of each student, Seedial has coordinated different programs to assure each students individual success.

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