Hardcore Pawn:The Gold Family Sets the Standard —BrowardNetOnline Exclusive

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The Gold family from Detroit were in town and an estimated  1,000 people showed up at the Seminole Casino Hollywood to meet the first family of pawn, Les, Ashley and Seth, the stars from the hit reality show, truTV’s Hardcore Pawn.

Les Gold is a third-generation pawnbroker and owner of American Jewelry and Loan, a 50,000-square-foot Detroit, Michigan pawn shop. His son, Seth and daughter, Ashley Broad (Gold) live, breathe and drink the pawn business.

For a few hours, on a muggy summer night, the parking lot of the gaming hall was American Jewelry and Loan —South, but without the drama and mayhem typically seen on the show.  Alot of people took advantage of the free offer to have their stuff appraised by the Golds’ keen eyes.  The Golds were on a buying streak. They did one deal for a teardrop diamond ring for $20,ooo.  One of the most interesting items was the 2006 Miami Heat Championship Ring. The person who brought it wanted $80,000. They valued it at  $25,000. No word on the outcome.

While at the Seminole Casino Hollywood, BrowardNetOnline had the chance to sit down with the Golds for a one-on-one interview.

In person they are nothing like the gritty and brash people you see on their reality show. All three oozed charisma and are pros when it comes to dealing with their rock star status. All are extremely fit and Ashley, glistening in diamonds, is bordering on skinny.

They were charming, friendly, filled with warmth and answered all of the questions posed to them candidly and openly. Not once did they argue or raise their voices. Not once, did they utter a profanity or say anything not worthy of print. They all love to smile and laugh. We didn’t want the interview to end.

Our interview with the Golds was filled with many revelations.

Seth Gold wanted to be a doctor and did a brief stint in medical school. One morning he woke up and decided that his future was with American Jewelry and Loan. The rest is history.

Hardcore Pawn is now airing in India. The store has become a tourist destination with busloads of visitors every day, some from as far away as Australia.

Lastly, they deeply love one another. “It’s all about family,” Les said. “My family is always there. The best part about going to work is that I kiss Ashley and I kiss Seth.”

Les Gold & Ashley (Gold) Broad

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“We are into our 6th season with 94 episodes under our belt,” Les said. “We never had any idea the show would get this big,” he added. In fact, it was Seth whose friend called him and asked if he would be interested in a reality show. “I took the idea to my dad. We figured it would be one episode.”

When they were kids, growing up Ashley and Seth wished their father had a job like their friends’ fathers. Now both offspring are deeply immersed in the pawn business. “This is all we talk about,” Les revealed.

“Being a pawn broker had a different reputation than it does today,” Les said. He noted that they now get customers from the affluent suburbs. “The faces may change but the stories are the same.”

During the interview a staff member announced that someone had a signed, framed,  Detroit Red Wings picture. Without missing a beat, Seth was in contact with his office to research the value of the item.

Over the years, all of the Golds have acquired collectibles for their personal collections. Seth is the proud owner of a University of Michigan Rose Bowl Ring.  We asked him if he would ever sell it. Listen here for his answer…

We asked Les to tell us about what’s in his personal collection and without missing a beat Ashley answered for him, “Junk!”  They all had a good laugh over that one.

After the Seminole Casino Hollywood, the Golds are off to New York City  to sit down with the ladies of “The View” on Monday. Now would be a good time for Barbara, Whoopi, Sherri, Joy and Elisaebth to see what valuables  they have laying around. The Golds are buying.




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Source: BrowardNetOnline